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I reside in a country other than Portugal, how does the tax payment work?

Why do I pay a fee on Direct Debits below 40€?

How often are new projects launched?

What is a grace period of capital?

How do I withdraw money?

What is your debt recovery procedure?

What is the procedure should a project not reach its financing goal?

Why has the verification of my identity failed?

How do I increase my investment in a certain project?

How does a revenue sharing model work?

How do you measure carbon emissions avoided?

How does the identity validation (KYC) process work?

How do I reserve an investment?

How do you measure a project's risk?

How do gift cards work?

How can I create a Savings Plan?

How is your exposure to risk diversified in a Savings Plan?

What is a Savings Plan?

What are the tax retention rates?

How do I declare earnings received when filling in my tax return?

I am a Portuguese resident, how does the tax payment work?

If GoParity was ever to declare bankruptcy or seek insolvency proceedings, what would happen to my investments?

Can I change or cancel my Auto-Investment?

How can I set up my Auto-Investment?

What is Auto-Investment? How does it work?

How are the interest rate and monthly payments calculated?

What are the financial guarantees and how is risk mitigated?

Can I settle my investments earlier than the project's planned settlement date?

Why is the bank account to which I transfer money French?

Do I incur any fees when topping-up my account?

How does the Marketplace work?

Why do you need a picture of my ID card?

What is the difference between a personal and an organisational account?

How do investments at GoParity work?

Is there a limit to how much I can invest?

What is MangoPay?

Is there a minimum investment per project?

Is there a minimum top-up amount?

How do I top-up my wallet?

Do I have to pay any fees?

How do I start investing?

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GoParity is an impact investment platform that connects companies looking to finance their sustainable projects, with individuals and entities who want to invest sustainably. We are growing fast, both in terms of size and impact generated. We were born in Oporto in 2017, but have since grown to finance project in several countries around the world, with the help of a growing community of investors from around the world.

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Part or all of your original invested capital may be at risk and the return on your investment depends on the success of the project invested in. Consider all risks before investing and read the Key Investment Information Sheet (KIIS) for each investment, available at Power Parity, Lda is a crowdlending platform authorized and supervised by CMVM (Portuguese Securities Commission). All payments, transfers and funds collection are assured by MangoPay SA, an electronic payments institution authorized and supervised by CSFF (Luxembourg Financial Authority) under the nº 8711.