How do investments at Goparity work?

Any investor - either a private investor or an institution - can invest from 5 in any of our projects open to funding, contributing towards the overall loan value.

An investment is a loan from an investor to a project promoter, with fixed interest rates, terms, and periodic payments.

An investment fundraising campaign can end for one of two reasons:

  • The campaign has reached its financing goal (100% of the fundraiser).

  • The campaign has reached its deadline (usually 1 month long). In this case, the promoter can decide to either carry out the project by funding the remainder of the campaign, or to cancel the campaign and refund the raised amount to the investors.

The Mutual Contracts between the promoter and the investors will be issued three working days (on average) after the campaign has ended. At this point, the amount raised is made available to the promoter and the payments to the investors begin.

If you would like to know how we calculate the periodic repayments, please visit this page

All transactions (investments and payments), including the capital movements to and from the investors' wallets, are executed by Goparity on our platform. You can withdraw the funds available in your wallet at any time, by transferring them to a bank account outside of Goparity. 

You can use this link to check the Portuguese legal requirements regulating collaborative financing (crowd-lending), made available by the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM), the entity which regulates our business. 

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