Is there a limit to how much I can invest?

With the new European Crowdfunding Regulation [Regulation (EU) 2020/1503], under which Goparity is licensed to provide its crowdlending services, the maximum investment limits that Portuguese law imposed on investors of a certain profile have disappeared


A crowdlending campaign launched on our platform can raise up to €5,000,000.00 (maximum limit per promoter, per year). 


For Sophisticated Investors there is no recommended maximum investment amount. 


Non-Sophisticated Investors may invest as much as they wish, however, Goparity advises against investing more than: 

  • €1,000.00, or  
  • 5 % of their net worth, whichever is higher. 


It is important that you understand that investing in Goparity campaigns implies partial or total loss of the capital invested. Non-Sophisticated Investors may only invest these amounts after expressly accepting a warning about the risk inherent in the investment. If they refuse, they may not invest these amounts. 


Non-Sophisticated Investors can always ask Goparity to treat them as Sophisticated Investors, in which case they will not have recommended maximum investment limits. Find out how here.


If an investor wishes to invest more than €24,999 in a campaign, please send us an email to

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