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Money for
social economy

Lend money to projects that contribute to an inclusive society.

Our vision

Provide access to alternative financing to companies with a positive impact on the people and the planet.

access to sustainable finance

A mission that goes beyond ownership and access to finance.

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27.955 tons

CO2 avoided every year (equivalent to 1.270.701 trees).

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89.600 people

People in vulnerable situations, women empowered.

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40.630 people

People with IBAN access.

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1.488 ha

Hectares of sustainable agriculture, biodiversity protection. Equivalent to 2.067 footbal fields.

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4.729 jobs

Jobs created by our projects.

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26.765 MWh

Clean energy generated or saved. Equivalent to the household consumption of 11.152 families.

Gender distribution among investors

Projects promoters with women on the board

Corporate investors

Our contribution to

Our projects are tackling the Sustainable Development Goals Agenda by the United Nations.

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The people
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