Can I decide to cancel an investment?

Yes, if you are a Non-Sophisticated Investor. Learn more about what Sophisticated and Non-Sophisticated Investors are.

After making an investment, Non-Sophisticated Investors have a legal reflection period of 4 days (96 hours), during which they can decide to change their minds and cancel their investment. This option has no associated costs.

If you made an investment following a reservation, the 96-hour period starts from the moment you made the reservation. More information about investment reservations can be found here.

On the campaign page, you will find your investments and a "cancel investment" or "cancel investment reservation" button:

Until the campaign closes, the amount you invested will appear in your wallet as "pending balance", unless you decide to cancel the investment within the 4-day reflection period, in which case the amount of your canceled investment will reappear as available balance in your wallet. Understand the differences between available and pending balances here.

After this legal 4-day reflection period, the investor can no longer cancel their investment or investment reservation in a Goparity campaign. However, they can:

1) Invest more if the campaign is still open.

2) Announce their intention to sell their position in the loan on our secondary market if the campaign has already closed and one month has passed since the contract between investor and promoter was signed.

If you have an auto-investment plan activated, you can also cancel the subscription to that service at any time. Learn how to do so here.

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