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How big is your organization’s carbon footprint?

Calculate your organization’s carbon footprint and compensate for it by lending to clean energy, reforestation, and projects that contribute to CO2 emissions reduction.

Estimate your organization’s main
CO2 emissions

Product deliveries

Car Fleet

Plane travels

Electricity consumption

How many products do you dispatch per month? What is the average distance travelled by these products? What is the vehicle used in most of these deliveries?

Deliveries per month


Average distance in km

Vehicle type


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What does it mean to compensate for CO2 emissions with us?

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An impact that goes


Putting money at work for the people and the planet.

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Contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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Empowering your community

to create real, circular impact.

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Impact report

Get quarterly impact reports of the CO2 emissions your community helped avoid, the number of people they impacted, the hectares of biodiversity they helped protect and the Sustainable Development Goals they contributed to. Track your sustainability targets fulfilment.

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Brand good will

Organizations with sustainability as part of their strategy are known to be more innovative and have better financial performance while benefiting from improved customer loyalty. Materialize your brand’s values through impact investing.

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Employee retention

A company with strong core values that cultivates a sense of purpose aligns people of every generation and role to perform their best, feel like they’re making a difference and stick around for a longer time. Empower your employees to be the change they want to see.

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A positive return

Besides the enormous environmental and social impact, the capital invested will be returned with interest, a benefit that will grow every month, if it is reinvested, while promoting financial literacy and raising awareness on sustainability topics within your company.

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