before you commit.

Get a clear vision of how a loan works, what the financial terms mean, how much you can earn and when you’ll have your money back.

How much do you want to invest?

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Clarifying all terms you’ll come across

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and watch your money grow

Every year, the available money to invest (returned capital and interest earned) will grow. Reinvest it to increase your earnings.

of recurring investments

We’ll do the work!

For the busiest and the most forgetful, but who are still looking to create a positive impact, auto-investment will invest in newly opened projects, without having to log in.

This will help you build a diverse portfolio without missing out on any investment opportunities while keeping total control.

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Set a maximum term

Define a maximum length for the invested projects, up to 10 years.

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Choose a range for the interest rate

Choose a range for the annual interest rate, from 1% to 10%.

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Define a maximum per project

Based on a percentage of your available funds or a maximum amount per project.

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Still reluctant?

I’m here to you help you understand how investments at Goparity work. Get in touch via email or book a call .


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