What are incentive schemes?

People want purpose. Use highly engaging and impactful incentive plans to drive long-term retention of talent while investing in their future as well as the planet’s. 

How it works:

  1. Decide amount, frequency & investing period (typically 3-5 years) for the incentive;

  2. Allow the employee to manage their own investment portfolio, selecting the impact and receiving the personalized impact reports;

  3. At the end of the investing period, the investments' ownership and all assets and gains associated with the incentive program account is transferred to the employee.

Two methods to structure the incentives:

  • One-time bonus to reward high-performers and exceptional actions or commitment; or

  • Recurring plan to attract and retain talent for companies that do not offer company stock options.

Benefits for the company:

  •  Employee satisfaction 

  •  Talent retention 

  •  Brand goodwill

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