If a Goparity account holder dies, what happens?

In the event of the death of a Goparity account holder, the associated account funds must be transferred to the heir's account via the Goparity platform. For this, the heir must formally notify GoParity of the investor's death by emailing support@goparity.com.

The heir will be asked to submit the following documents:

- Qualification of heirs (document containing the lender's heirs) - Qualification of Heirs, Sharing and Records – IRN (justica.gov.pt).

- If the outstanding investment amount exceeds 3,000 euros, the Annex I of the Stamp Tax (declaration that replaced the former Inheritance Tax) must also be submitted -  Free transfers (IS) | Óbito Space - Backoffice (justica.gov.pt).

- If the heir is not a parent, descendant, or spouse, proof of payment of the Stamp Duty must also be requested.

As soon as Goparity receives the mentioned documents and validates the legality of the documents, Goparity can proceed to change the account's ownership. At that time, the new holder must open an account at Goparity so that the funds can be transferred between accounts.

The new holder is free to keep the ongoing investments or to sell them in our Marketplace. If there are available funds, these can be withdrawn or used for new investments within the Goparity portfolio.

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