How do the roundings of my installment payments work?

On our platform, all installments - gross or net - are paid to the users of the platform in values of two decimal places, since it is not possible to make payments of one-tenth of a cent.

Nevertheless, it is important to know that:

1. The calculations, although not visible to the user, shall always be made to four decimal places, and the principal repaid shall always correspond to the capital deducted. 

2. Gross interest payments throughout the payment plan shall be made by rounding each item to two decimal places, which may lead to rounding up of more than or less the amount due

As such, Goparity settles these roundings in the last installment of each payment plan. The difference in rounding of each instalment is stored in the database to be paid next to the last instalment and the final amounts paid by the platform will always have two decimal places, which will cause the value of the settlement to investors who received the most in each instalment to be discounted and the value of the settlement to investors who received the least in each installment to be added.

This procedure is based on best practices in the banking sector and is in accordance with Decree-Law No 171/2007 of 8 May 2007.

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