How do I start investing?

If you wish to register with us, please follow the steps below:

  • Click here.

  • Provide us with your e-mail address and set a password

  • Choose the account type which is applicable to you (either personal or organizational account). 

  • We are going to need the following details from you in order to verify your identity: 

    • Full Name 

    • Date of Birth 

    • Phone Number

    • Nationality 

    • Fiscal Address 

    • Taxpayer Number 

    • Estimated Net Annual Income 

    • Copy of an Identity Document 

Once you have completed your registration, you will receive a confirmation email that will contain a link to verify your account.

After registering, you can top up your Goparity wallet with any amount from €5, either by card payment or bank transfer, using your personal Goparity IBAN (which is unique to your account).

The next step is to decide which projects you would like to invest in, how much you would like to invest, and start changing the world. 

You can check the projects which are open for investment here.

If you wish to know why we need an identity document, visit this page.

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