How can I buy gift cards?

Offer impact gift cards to invest in sustainable projects, from 5€, and empower your loved ones to put their money at work for people, and the planet. 

How does it work?

  1. Tell us the name of the lucky one(s) and the amount you want to offer to each.
  2. Pay instantly with a debit/credit card or with wallet credit: receive the gif cards on your email inbox instantly and/or download them right away.  

Start gifting them now by buying here.

Terms and conditions

  • The gift card amount will be automatically added to the receiver's wallet as soon as they register using the respective link.
  • The gift card amount can only be used to invest in the platform.
  • The receiver does not have to add any amount to use the gift voucher.
  • The minimum value of each gift card is 5€.
  • The gift cards have a 2-year validity. After this time, GoParity reserves the right to redeem the funds.

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