Why do I have to fill in information about my earnings?

As a regulated entity, Goparity must annually register the type of investor you are.

Investors in crowdlending are necessarily classified as Sophisticated Investors and Non-Sophisticated Investors, according to the information provided to the platform when creating their account. Non-Sophisticated Investors are recommended to take extra care when investing. Find out more here.

Non-Sophisticated investors are required to fill in a questionnaire a knowledge test and a simulation to bear loss, at which point they will be asked a few questions about their income. 

But don't worry: we don't share this information with anyone. We just want you to make safe investments and be aware of the inherent risks of capital loss.  

Non-Sophisticated Investors will be alerted to the risk of capital loss if they intend to invest, per campaign, more than 5% of their net worth (or 1000€, whichever is higher). 

The maximum recommended capacity for Non-Sophisticated Investors to bear capital losses is 10% of their net worth.

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