Do I have to pay any fees?

Goparity does not charge any fees on your investments

The opening and topping up of your account - as well as the investment on projects and withdrawal of funds once the investment has been completed - are all free of charge.

Nevertheless,in order for us to remain competitive, we have established the following charges which investors will incur under specific circumstances:

  • Should you wish to withdraw your funds, without ever having invested the money: 1% on the funds withdrawn.

  • Should you wish to withdraw your funds, the minimum value you can withdraw is 0.10€.

  • Should you wish to withdraw your funds, transferring these to a bank account outside of SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area): € 2.5 fixed charge.

  • If you wish to sell your investment on a given project through our Secondary Market 1% on the capital owed.

  • Processing direct debits lower than 40€ on the GoParity Savings plan: 0,5€.

These charges reflect the direct costs which we incur from our partner - MangoPay - a payments service provider. 

You can check, in detail, our pricing update here.

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