Why has the verification of my identity failed?

There are several reasons why your identity validation may have failed:

  • Unreadable document: An integral part of the document is unreadable (dark or blurred document), the scan or image is of poor quality or the MRP band is partially or totally cut, or covered.

  • Incomplete document:  Part or all of the information is censored/cut from the document, the document has not been fully sent (missing pages), or the MRP band is partially/totally cut or masked.

  • Document is not accepted:  proof of identity is not accepted (for example, an identity card for a national of a country outside the EU).

  • Document expired:  proof of identity has passed the expiration date.

  • Document belonging to a minor user:  the user is a minor.

  • Name(s) and surname(s) on the document do not match the ones on the profile: this happens when the name(s) you entered in the registration forms do not exactly match those in the submitted document. In this case, we will need to internally correct the information entered and, therefore, take more time to complete the validation process.

Please note that the digital version of Portuguese citizen cards (Cartão do Cidadão) is not accepted as a valid ID proof, because our authentication tool cannot verify the authenticity of this document (no MRP band).

If it is the case that your identity verification has failed, you will receive an email informing you of the reason for this and how you should proceed.

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