Why do you need a picture of my ID card?

To complete your registration process, we will ask you for a copy of your identity document. This is part of our identity validation process (KYC - Know Your Customer).

In line with the European  Anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing policy and our Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Policy, we are required to verify your identity before you invest for the first time.

Therefore, you will need to upload a copy of one of the following identity documents (forwards and backwards):

  • Passport

  • National ID card (only allowed for EU, UK, Canadian and US citizens)

  • Driver's license (only allowed for EU, UK, Canadian and US citizens)

As soon as your document has been approved, you will receive an email. This procedure usually takes between 24 and 48 hours to be completed. You can always check if your identity validation process has been completed when logging in, on your GoParity Dashboard, which you can access at the top-right corner of the dashboard page.

Credit: Image is taken from Mangopay (https://docs.mangopay.com/guide/guidelines-for-identity-documents).

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