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Lend money to sustainable projects and earn up to 9% a year.

Decide how your money is used
Choosing how your money is used is one of the most powerful tools to control your social and environmental impact.

Lend money to sustainable projects from and make finance work for people and the planet, while getting a financial return.
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So far, we have funded 361 projects with an average interest rate of 5,9%.

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Invest in projects
Lend money to sustainable projects you choose, alongside hundreds of other investors.
Before launching any project, we make a thorough risk assessment.
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Create an impact
Borrowers apply funds towards project implementation avoiding CO2 emissions, creating jobs, impacting people and more.
Before each launch and during project implementation, we conduct an impact assessment.
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Earn money
Project promoters repay the capital along with interest. Reinvest your money to increase your return.
All transfers are made from the investors’ to the borrowers’ Goparity accounts, and vice versa.

Investing is and will always be free.

Open an account, invest, set up Auto-Investment, create a Savings Plan or just store your money on your Goparity wallet. There are no opening or maintenance fees.

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