What is Auto-Investment? How does it work?

Our Auto-Investment feature allows you to invest in newly-opened projects that fulfill a set of criteria previously set by you. 

Once you have configured your auto-investment on your account, you will no longer need to log into your account and invest manually - as long as you have funds available in your wallet, you will not need to compete to invest in newly opened projects anymore as the tool will automatically invest for you. 

This feature will help investors build a diversified portfolio without missing out on investment opportunities in a more efficient way, without compromising control over your investments.

How does it work?

Each time a new campaign is launched, we will check if it matches the criteria previously set by the investors who have enabled the Auto-Investment feature on their accounts and who have money in their wallets. When this is the case, the available balance of every investor who has enabled the Auto-Investment will be used to fund the new project.

If the total amount available to be automatically invested is higher than the amount to be funded, we will decrease each investor’s offer following these rules:

  • Reduce 1% on every offer until we reach the exact amount of the campaign (until a minimum of 5€ per offer)

  • If the auto-investment amount is still bigger than the amount to be funded after a series of reductions, we will prioritize the investors who activated the feature first.

You have full control over your Auto-Investment, meaning you can edit the criteria or disable this feature at any time. You can learn more about auto-investments here.

If you do not have funds available in your wallet and a new project corresponding to your previously-set criteria is launched, you will receive an automatic email notification.

The usage of the Auto-Investment tool along with the criteria inputs when setting it up for the first time is fully the investor's own responsibility.

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