What is a Savings Plan?

A Savings Plan is a diversified investment plan, accomplished with periodic direct debits from your bank account that will help you achieve your life dreams or save for a rainy day. 

These are its main features:

  • Free: There are no opening or management fees if you save at least 40€ per month. Please note that if you decide to save less than 40€ per month, you will be charged a fee for each direct debit. You can read why here.
  • Diversified: We will split your funds among as many projects as possible, guaranteeing our minimum investment threshold. To learn more about how your investment is diversified, click here.
  • Short to medium term: Your money will be invested in projects with a maximum maturity of five years.
  • Automatic: After creating a Savings Plan, you do not need to do anything else.
  • Investment scheme: The money transferred is always invested in the given month. No reinvestments will take place - this means that you will always have money available from your savings to withdraw with no fees.
  • Automatic monthly transfers: Through a direct debit from a bank account of your choice.
  • Personalised: You can set the criteria of your Savings Plan - name, monthly transfer value, day of direct debit and bank account from which the money should be transferred.

Head here to create your Savings Plan.

Investing through GoParity is and will always be free of hidden fees. You can check our pricing here.

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