Why do I pay a fee on Direct Debits below 40€?

As you know, fund transactions made by GoParity users are executed through an intermediary - MangoPay S.A. - an electronic financial institution. This means that we pay fees for some of the transactions made on our platform, namely top-ups using credit or debit card and direct debits.

Given our vision to democratize the access to finance, and in order to keep investments free, we have made the decision of not charging that fee to our investors. This is why we established a minimum amount of 40€ for the direct debits to be free of charge. In order for us to avoid excluding anyone from our savings plan, we will still allow for direct debits below 40€, but we will charge a fee of 0,50€ that reflects the direct costs charged by our payment services provider.

Don't worry - investing is and always will be free on the GoParity platform. You can learn more about our Pricing here.

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