How do I reserve an investment?

Reserving an investment is a straightforward process:

  • Select one of the projects open to funding on our platform and click on "Reserve".

  • Enter the amount you wish to invest in the project. At the time of your reservation, it may be that you do not have any funds or only part of the amount needed in your wallet. You can still proceed with the reservation, later topping up your account with the remaining amount outstanding.

  • Choose the method with which you wish to top up your wallet. You will have 24 hours* to do so. To learn how to load your wallet, you can read more here.

*Our reservation-cancellation mechanism takes place every day at 7 AM and 2 PM. At those times, we will confirm if 24 hours have passed since you made your reservation and cancel it if no funds have arrived in your wallet to secure the investment. Proof of funds is mandatory to hold the reservation, so if 12 hours after the investment reservation takes place you have not submitted a proof of transfer and/or have no funds in your wallet to confirm the investment, GoParity reserves the right to cancel the reservation. GoParity may also unilaterally and without notice cancel any investment deemed to be an abusive use of the mechanism.

Here is an example:

Manuel reserves an investment on Monday, April 14, at 5 PM. His reservation will reach 24 hours on April, 15 at 5 PM. Every day, at 7 AM and 2 PM, reservations that are older than 24 hours will be cancelled. Therefore, Manuel's reservation will only be cancelled on the next round of pending reservation cancellations—which will take place on April 16 at 7 AM.

To check the status of your reservation, you can check your wallet transactions.

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