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Oceano Fresco Growth III

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Powering a sustainable aquaculture solution.


Oceano Fresco is a shellfish aquaculture company that aims to feed the world in a sustainable way.

This is the third Oceano Fresco Growth campaign after successfully raising 500.000€ in the first and second campaigns for cultivation and operations.

Now, the funds raised through this third campaign will be used for sales and operations:  

  • New operational planning and systems optimization to bridge the gap between offshore cultivation and customers.
  • Detailed study of customer prospection the in Spain market.
  • Creation of value for customers via new tools (menus, samples, CRM, etc.), pricing study and participation in industry fairs

The Growth series is meant to finance projects that enhance the growth of the company's production in order to enter the market with a larger sales scale.

The company has raised 1.80 million euros through GoParity's investor community since its first campaign in January 2020.

The amount raised in Oceano Fresco I, II, III, IV, V, and VI campaigns (730,000€) was used to co-finance the installation of the world's first open sea clam farm in Alvor. The clams are suspended in the open sea where they can grow in their natural environment and in a sustainable way.

The amount raised in Oceano Fresco Innovation I, II, and III campaigns (500,000€) was used to co-finance two research and development (R&D) projects focused on the cultivation of clams and one project in the area of food innovation. The R&D projects in the areas of genetics and pathology are highly innovative worldwide, leading to two incentives totaling 1.4 million. The food innovation project aims to develop new products and packaging to create value and promote sustainable clam consumption.

In August 2020, the company started clam seed production at a Bio-Marine Center in Nazaré, a pioneering project in Europe, which included the bivalve hatchery, a laboratory with R&D and offices. In June of the same year, it completed the installation of the open sea farm in Alvor, with an area of 100 hectares and the capacity to produce 600 tons of clams per year, thus achieving total control of the production cycle of this bivalve. The year 2021 marked the start of the first production with the hatchery managing to produce more than 50 million clam seeds and these same clams growing to adulthood well and fast in the open sea and with very positive reactions from customers.

Oceano Fresco continues to grow. In 2021, Oceano Fresco doubled the number of employees, creating a team of people composed of several nationalities and talents with a great passion in common: to contribute to the sustainability of the Oceans. In 2022, Oceano Fresco announced the new Board of Directors, which includes experts in various fields that contribute to the vision of innovation and growth for a sustainable Blue Economy. It also built the new boat 'Oceano Fresco l' and the Operations Center in Nazaré. In the hatchery at Centro Biomarinho, 38 million seeds were cultivated in the last 6 months (November-April). To accompany this growth and innovation, Oceano Fresco has a new office at University NOVA SBE in Carcavelos (Lisbon) to create value for its clients, consumers, and stakeholders.

The Impact

Direct impact

  • Creation of 4 jobs, in addition to the company's current 27 employees: the financing of both Oceano Fresco Growth campaigns will enable the hiring of 4 new people.
  • Increased productivity in production, reducing the resources needed per kg of clams.
  • Promotion of innovation in the industry, in terms of processes and technology.

Indirect Impact

  • Promotion of the marine ecosystem: a sustainable alternative to intensive fishing as a source of protein, the sustainable production of clams contributes to the restoration of biodiversity and marine stocks.

"Can the ocean feed us sustainably?", written by Rodrigo Clímaco, responsible for Oceano Fresco's nursery.

Impact Indicators

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Sustainable Development Goals

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Financial viability

Oceano Fresco began its pilot sales at the end of 2021 and hopes to reach 9M€ in sales in less than 3 years. The main market will be European, with sales also planned for Japan and South Korea. The repayment of this loan is expected to come from sales proceeds. In addition, the project has recently secured over 6M € of investment from new shareholders, which will allow the company to invest in its long-term growth.

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The Promoter

About Oceano Fresco, S.A.

Oceano Fresco was founded in 2015 by Bernardo Ferreira de Carvalho.

The company is focused on sustainable aquaculture of high-value bivalves (European clams), using scientific research and methods, and an innovative approach in the systematic improvement of aquaculture. Funded in 2015 by Bernardo Ferreira de Carvalho, the company's motto is: “we can regenerate nature if we farm and eat better”. The company is led by a Board of five Directors with scientific, financial, and business experience, including launching and scaling up of start-ups. They are supported by a growing Operational Team (27 people) covering R&D, production, and business and several Advisory Board members with world-renowned fish breeding experts.

Meet the team: 

Bernardo Carvalho (Chief Executive Officer and Founder).

Frederico Reis (CCO, Executive Board Member)

Bernardo Empis Meira (Non-executive Board Member).

John Mairlot (Non-executive Board Member).

Miguel Patrício (Non-executive Board Member).

Nuno Arantes (Non-executive Advisory Board).

Bjørn Skjævestad  (Non-executive Advisory Board).

Olivier Cottet  (Non-executive Advisory Board).

Stan Allen  (Non-executive Advisory Board).

The company has built a state-of-the-art BioMarine Center, including hatchery, labs, and offices in central Portugal, as well as a 100-hectare sea farm off the coast of the Algarve region. With these rare and complementary assets, the company will apply advanced selection and breeding methods to native European clam species of high nutritional and market value, which are presently being replaced in the market by their low-value Asian counterparts (low organoleptic value).

Business Model

Oceano Fresco's revenue source comes from the high quality and value clam sales, where market demand greatly exceeds supply. The production will mainly be sold in Europe but also exported for sale to other regions such as Japan and South Korea. By controlling several steps in the value creation chain, Oceano Fresco is poised to become a leading producer of clams and eventually other bivalves in the foreseeable future, if adequately funded. Over the last few years, the Company’s unique value proposition has led to it being awarded approximately 7,5 million euros in seed-stage equity investments and 4,2 million euros in competitive grants. Most recently in November 2021, Oceano Fresco announced a 6.1 million euro Series B round with new shareholders AquaSpark and Semapa Next.

The Company expects to reach a turnover of 9m€ in less than 3 years, and of 250m€ in a matter of 7 years. So far, it has reached out to over 50 potential customers (among shellfish distributors and supermarkets). Their intention to buy at the prices established in the business model largely exceeds the company’s production capacity in the first years, a positive sign for the company to achieve the predicted turnover.

Oceano Fresco has assembled a world-class team of international advisors, managers, scientists, breeders, and technicians and aims to become a game-changer in the 20€ billion shellfish market, contributing to higher levels of sustainability in European and global food production.

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