How is your exposure to risk diversified in a Savings Plan?

A Savings Plan is a diversified investment plan, accomplished through periodic direct debits from a bank account of your choice. Although every investment is risky, diversifying reduces the risk since your funds are allocated to as many projects as possible. This diversification strategy limits your exposure to the risk of any single project, since the positive performance of some investments will neutralize the negative performance of others.

As we usually launch at least four projects a month, we will split the monthly direct debit by four, guaranteeing a minimum investment of € 5 for every project.

This means that if you schedule a monthly transfer of € 10, your funds will be invested in two projects. If you set a € 20 monthly transfer, every month you will be investing in four projects. And so on. 

We will keep updating this rule according to our growth in terms of projects launched every month. For example, if next year our average number of projects launched per month increases to six, the monthly transferred funds will be split among six projects.

Please bear in mind that, as with any other investment, the capital invested through your Savings Plan is at risk of being partially or totally lost.

You can learn more on our risk model here.

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