How do I declare earnings received when filling in my tax return?

If you are a resident of Portugal and are investing in projects with Portuguese promoters

In this case, at the end of the year, when filling in your IRS, you have nothing to declare because your interest is subject to withholding taxes, that have been declared directly to the Tax Authority by GoParity (article 71 of the IRS Code).

If you want to opt for bundling, you must declare the income obtained through investments in GoParity in Annex E (Table 4B, with code E20) in your annual statement.

If you are a resident of Portugal and are investing in projects whose promoter has no fiscal headquarters in Portugal

In this case, Goparity does not withhold tax at the source, so the investor will receive the installments at their gross value. In the IRS statement, there is a section for income earned abroad. 

Therefore, the investor must include the Anexo J in the Model 3 IRS Statement to declare income earned abroad, namely capital income from investments through non-resident promoters.

If your tax residence is not in Portugal

You must declare your income at GoParity in your country of residence. You can consult the tax guide for your country of residence, provided by the Portuguese Tax Authority.

To find out more about how tax payments on interest received work, you can find more information here.

At the beginning of each (following) year, we send all Investors their Income Statements.

Disclaimer: As MangoPay, our electronic payments partner, is an electronic money institution, the account / IBAN does not need to be declared to the IRS/Tax Authority.

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