How can I compensate for my carbon footprint?

Compensation for your company’s and/or employees’ carbon footprint by investing in clean energy, reforestation and other CO2 reducing sustainable projects.


  1. Simulate your company’s CO2 impact from business travels, commute to work and energy consumption from the office;
  2. Let the employees decide their individual impact to compensate for their CO2 impact, or invest directly in impact projects;
  3. Access your impact footprint and return on investments in the app/website.

How to use it:

  • Yearly benefit to employees to compensate for their individual impact while giving them the choice in the impact that matters the most to them
  • Centrally managed compensation for the total CO2 impact of the company on a recurrent basis 

See more and simulate your carbon footprint here.

By engaging with your employees for topics that are close to their hearts and to your sustainability targets, it is a tool for employee engagement in CSR initiatives. 

It contributes positively to:

  •  Employee satisfaction 
  •  Talent retention 
  •  Brand goodwill

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