What are the tax retention rates?

If you invest in projects with a promoter based in Portugal, you are subject to the following tax retention rates:

  • Individual Investor: 28%
  • Institutional investor: 25%

These rates are automatically retained from the earned interest and subsequently declared to the Portuguese Tax Authorities.

If you invest in a promoter based in Spain (starting May 2024):

  • Spanish fiscal residents are subject to a retention rate of 19%
  • Fiscal residents of EU countries other than Spain are exempt from retention;
  • Non-EU residents investing in projects based in Spain will also be subject to a withholding tax rate of 19% on the interest generated

If you invest in a promoter based in Colombia:

  • Tax residents in Colombia are subject to a 4% withholding rate;
  • Tax residents in other countries are subject to a 15% withholding rate.

You can request the activation of the Double Taxation Agreement for your country of residence, if applicable, which will mean a reduced rate of withholding when investing in projects of a promoter based in a country other than that of your tax residence. We can help you with this. To do so, please send us an email to hello@goparity.com

For all projects whose Promoters are based in jurisdictions other than Spain, Portugal  or Colombia there is no tax retention applied. The investors are responsible for declaring their returns to the tax authorities of their respective countries of residence.

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