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¿Qué es un Goparity #MeetUp?

Part of Goparity’s mission is to promote financial literacy, democratize ethical investments, and empower people to use their money for good.  

We witness how the lack of financial literacy aggravates inequality and we want to fight it. That’s why anyone can read our FAQs and find a lot of public information about impact finance, join our platform for free and learn how to invest with only 5€ (and fee-free). 

One of our ways of walking the talk is by organizing what we call #MeetUps. These are online or in-person educational sessions regarding the world of impact finance 

We try to cover the main concepts of impact finance and investment. MeetUps can be conducted in English, Portuguese, or Spanish to make sure they are accessible to everyone in our community. 

We want to share all our knowledge and take down barriers so that you can actively manage your personal finances and invest with confidence.  

Goparity wants to present the world of impact finance in a clear and simple way, with no room for pretentious words or complicated concepts, but a lot of room to answer your questions and hear your concerns.  

MeetUp topics include:  

  • How do I start investing? 

  • Let’s talk about risk and fears.  

  • How do I declare my investments? 

  • #MeetUp with a campaign promotor. 

As a company that wants to create positive social and environmental impact, we strive to be transparent, open, and accessible.    

Our #MeetUps are promoted via email marketing (for recent users) and on our social media platforms. Stay in tune.  

If you have any questions, please contact us at 

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