A day at the beach (Our 2nd anniversary)

jun 03, 2019

A day at the beach (Our 2nd anniversary)

by Nuno Brito Jorge (CEO of GoParity)

Earlier this month (2nd of May 2019) we celebrated GoParity’s second birthday. It was not the exact date of our anniversary but that is the least important of details.

The day started early in the morning with Yoga in the sand by Sofia Sela from Fly-Yoga. It really helped tune in for the resto f the day. Though one could easily see who were the “most experienced” (like Carolina), the “natural born” (like Pritesh) and the “hardworkers” (like myself).


The yoga session was followed by surfing. There the roles turned a bit. The weather really helped, the waves were reasonable and it was 28ºC.

The surf lesson was given by Time to Surf a school and surfcamp in Caparica. There were also “the experienced” and “the natural-borns”. And also maybe a couple of “This is not for mes”? Of those taking the class, I have to say Harry, Carolina, Mariana and Miguel had the best performances. The two girls really stood out!


When the surfing was over we took a bit of time to allow for physical recovery and then the time came for the THNK-inspired part of the agenda.

Note: for those who don’t know it, THNK is a Creative Leadership School based in Amsterdam. I am currently done with module 2 out of 4. It is a very special and deep journey, to innovation, creativity, leadership and, most profoundly, your inner self and the way you relate with other people. We are a group of 31 people from 22 countries and I don’t think I ever felt this connected to so many people so fast. There are still two modules to go but I’m already sad it will “soon” be over. Hopefully it is also something they’ll teach how to deal with (they do give attention to every detail) ?

We took a silent walk to another part of the beach nearby (around 30 min) with no specific goal other then spending time with ourselves. It was meant to be somewhat introspective but, being in charge of the morning program until lunch time, it didn’t really feel like it to me. I guess duty called.

At the end of the walk we gathered hugging in a circle and did the “Emerging Circle”, an “Eye opener” (that’s what they call them at THNK where they are brilliantly imparted by Rod Ben Zeev). We did it right at first time. It has been so since the second try in the first team meeting we tried it (in late March). It’s amazing how such a simple and small exercise can be so powerful in providing this “we’re all synced”.

Note 2: Emerging circle - Stand in a circle. We will count from 1 to 20. Each person can say one number at a time, but we will not set a particular order in which to speak. So one person will start with “one…” and someone from somewhere else in the circle will say, “two,” etc. If two people speak at the same time, we start again from ‘one’.

We then headed to Manduca restaurant for lunch. Some had great grilled fish looking at ocean that provided it. The ladies stood out again asking for the vegetarian dish. There was also sangria, wine and some tapas to start with.

After lunch the introspection continued but by then I handed leadership to Pritesh, who did a brilliant job. We started with this video of the “privileged race”. You might have already seen it but it is never too much to watch again given how powerful it is.

We then did the “Pizza of Life” exercise. In a nutshell, you reflect for a while and give notes from 1 to 10 to 14 dimensions of your personal life (Happiness, Family, Adventure, Finance…). After we took a while to fill it individually, each one of us then shared one of the dimensions at our own choice, explained why that dimension and the note we gave and then got feedback from all the others. I chose happiness. It was a very interesting exercise and it was rewarding to see how much we feel comfortable sharing with each other.

The day was over with a collective sunset watching. A bit of a cliché, I know, but totally worth it. You can never get tired of this.

If there is any takeaway from this day (I think there are plenty), it is that people make companies what they are. I’m certainly very happy with ours. I think we all are very happy with each other. I guess you can tell by the look in our faces.

Left to right: Tiago (UX), Carolina (MarCom), Luis (CFO), Manuel (co-Founder), Nuno (that’s me), (Bernardo, IT), Mariana (Operations), Miguel (Commercial), Pritesh (CMO), Harry (Operations)

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