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Solar Herdade da Canada

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Self-consumption solar energy for irrigating olive groves.


Herdade da Canada (Canada Farm) carries out farming activities. 

This campaign aims to finance a photovoltaic plant with batteries to power the promoter's irrigation system for a super-intensive olive grove.

The plant will include 67 550 Wp modules with an output of 36.85 kWp and 20 kWh batteries.

The construction of the solar plant and installation of the panels will be carried out by LuzVerde, a Portuguese company with over ten years of experience in providing energy services. Luz Verde is also the installer of several other projects funded through Goparity:  Intermarché Solar I and II, Solar Paintings, Solar Car Wash, Solarize Cuba, Solar footwear factory, Solar Consultants, Solar Olives, Solar Olives watering, Solar Shoes.

The Impact


  • Contribution to the decarbonisation of Portugal, avoiding CO2 emissions: With a total production of clean energy of over 58 MWh per year, the solar plant will avoid the emission of about 8 tonnes of CO2 per year. This is equivalent to the CO2 absorption of 364 trees.
  • Cost reduction for the end customer: decentralized energy production through renewable sources, close to the place of consumption, helps to avoid distribution costs, this being the most competitive option. In addition, the company's lower dependence on the national grid makes it less vulnerable to price fluctuations and tax charges.

Impact Indicators

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8,01 t

CO2 avoided per year

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MWh clean energy

Sustainable Development Goals

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Financial viability

The maturity of the loan was calculated in order to ensure that the monthly installments are paid by the savings generated on the electricity bill.

Download the Financial Statements for the promoter here: Financial statements Nuno Almeida.pdf

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Download Key Investment Information Sheet

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Loans granted to the promoter Nuno Alexandre Graça Eugenio de Almeida by investors will have the following guarantees, provided for in the loan agreements associated with the campaign:

  • Commercial Pledge of assets (solar panels to be installed)

The Promoter

About Nuno Alexandre Graça Eugénio de Almeida

ENI (Individual Entrepreneur) Nuno Alexandre Graça Eugénio de Almeida, operates two estates, Herdade da Negrita, which has 1,800 hectares and is located in Moura, where he runs a rural tourism business, and Herdade da Canada, with 400 hectares in Reguengos de Monsaraz, where he carries out farming activities, including raising cows and pigs, cork production and an olive grove.

Herdade da Canada employs 6 full-time farmers and 20 to 30 seasonal workers for stripping cork.

Business Model

The promoter carries out farming activities and sells cork, and olives for olive oil, cows, and pigs. Additionally, the ENI also owns and runs a rural tourism project.   

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100% funded

683 investors successfully raised 55.000€


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This campaign will help avoid the emission of 8 tons of CO2 per year

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