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Solar Ham

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Vila Velha de Ródão, PT

Solar energy for self-consumption in a ham producer.



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The aim of this campaign is to finance a photovoltaic power plant for self-consumption at Manuel Rodrigues Herdeiros, S.A., a Portuguese company engaged in the production of ham. 

The plant will be fitted with 284 photovoltaic solar panels, with 153,36 kWp of total installed power.

The installation, operation, monitoring and preventive maintenance of the solar panels will be carried out by Enforce SA, a Portuguese company founded in 2001, dedicated to Energy Engineering. The company has already done the installation of a solar panel campaign through GoParity, at the Associação Centro Social do Sagrado Coração de Maria do Ferro.

The Impact

  • Contributing to the decarbonization of the economy, helping to avoid the emission of CO2: with an estimated clean energy production of 246,18 MWh, the solar plant will help avoid the emission of 50 tons of CO2 per year, the equivalent to planting 2.272 trees.
  • Cost reduction for the final client: the decentralized energy production through renewable sources, close to the consumption site, helps to avoid distribution costs, making this a more competitive option than reverting to the national grid. Furthermore, the decreased dependency of the company on the national grid, makes it less vulnerable to price fluctuations and fiscal charges.
  • Promotion of a transition towards a more efficient resource use: the installation of a solar plant in a ham producing company is an example of the applicability of solar power for such businesses, setting a benchmark for this segment in Portugal.

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CO2 avoided per year

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MWh clean energy

Sustainable Development Goals

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Financial viability

The maturity of the loan was calculated so that the instalments are paid by the savings generated in the electricity bill.

The photovoltaic plant will generate an average annual savings of 23.372€ in electricity costs, and the capital cost of the financing is 94.637€, which ensures the sustainability of the project.

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Key Investment Information Sheet

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This project will be secured by a pledge of the equipment.

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The Promoter


The company Manuel Rodrigues Herdeiros, S.A. had its foundation in 1925, in the municipality of Vila Velha de Ródão.

With an almost centennial knowledge and experience in the sector, the Presuntos Rodrigues commit to a production philosophy based on an extremely demanding quality of the raw materials used and deep respect for time. It takes months, even years, to ensure a proper ageing process. The salting, washing and drying operations and, finally, the maturation process in natural dryers, with controlled temperatures, will ensure the adequate distribution and integration of fat between the muscle fibres, creating the ham's shade, refining its aromas and flavours.

Business Model

With an already significant expression in the national market, today, the Presuntos Rodrigues claim themselves on the exportation, with a growing international presence.

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After raising 60.000€, the promoter decided to increase the value of the campaign to 94.637€.


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This campaign will help avoid the emission of 50 tons of CO2 per year

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