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Solar energy for self-consumption for two foundations.


This campaign aims to finance a photovoltaic plant for self-consumption at two foundations: Fundação FC Alverca, and Fundação Irene Rolo.

Futebol Clube de Alverca, a Portuguese football club based in Alverca do Ribatejo, Vila Franca de Xira, currently playing in the Portuguese 3rd Division. The club is a public institution founded in 1939 and located in Lisbon. They are known for their soccer team, and for the FC Alverca Sports Complex. This complex houses a stadium, where the team matches are played, with a capacity for 7,705 spectators. In addition, the club has a pavilion, where various sports are practiced, such as roller field hockey, tennis, cycling, and swimming, among others.

In search of a more sustainable game, FC Alverca will soon be implementing an important initiative: the installation of solar panels on its pavilion. With an output of 29.7 kWp, this installation is expected to produce more than 46 790 KWh in the first year of operation. The energy produced translates into 21% energy self-sufficiency and a 27% reduction in the foundation's electricity costs.

The use of solar energy will not only benefit the club but will serve as an example to the sports community and society that it is possible to reconcile sport with sustainable energy. 

The Irene Rolo Foundation was established in 1982 by a donation from Irene Dulce da Palma Arez Rolo. Their mission is to help people with disabilities and other vulnerable situations, supporting their families as well. Its commitment covers various areas, such as prevention, reception, rehabilitation, vocational training, and social inclusion, the ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life for beneficiaries. The institution is made up of various units, including the Activities and Training Center for Inclusion, the Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Center, Early Intervention, the Residential Home, and the Irene Rolo Foundation's New Projects Unit. 

The foundation will now install solar panels with an output 29.7 kWp, this installation is expected to produce more than 50 783 KWh in the first year of operation. The energy produced translates into 40% energy self-sufficiency and a 43% reduction in the foundation's electricity costs.

The installation and operation of the solar panels will be installed and operated by the campaign promotor: Solcor Portugal, a company specializing in the development and operation of solar photovoltaic installations. 

This campaign offers a longer-than-average loan term for Goparity standards. This means you will receive your capital back and gain interest over a more extended period of time. The rental agreement associated with the self-consumption photovoltaic installation foresees a low monthly payment by the beneficiary, who enjoys savings without initial financial investment to purchase the solar panels. Therefore, since the supply company’s payback period is longer, the payment plan is also extended (8-15 years). In this project, the beneficiary is a local sports club and organization, and the supplying company is Solcor. Additionally, Solcor ensures the solar plant's operation throughout this period, allowing the club to focus on its community. Payments will be guaranteed in part by Solcor, a financially solid enterprise, and by the beneficiary. A solar panel can be used for about 30 years, making it a safe, profitable investment with relevant environmental impact. Impact investing in this type of project is a commitment to cleaner, safer, decentralized, and democratic energy systems.

The Impact


  • Contribution to the decarbonisation, avoiding CO2 emissions: With a total production of clean energy of over 94.31 MWh per year, the solar plants will avoid the emission of over 29.2 tons of CO2 per year. This is equivalent to the CO2 absorption of 1329 trees.
  • Cost reduction for the end customer: decentralized energy production through renewable sources, close to the place of consumption, helps to avoid distribution costs, this being the most competitive option. In addition, the company's lower dependence on the national grid makes it less vulnerable to price fluctuations and tax charges.


  • Improvement of the organization's core services: the cost reduction in electricity expenses enables the associations to improve their services for the community.

Impact Indicators

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29,24 t

CO2 avoided per year

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MWh clean energy

Sustainable Development Goals

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Financial viability

The project is co-financed by Solcor Portugal, the guarantor of the loan.
The maturity of the loan was calculated to ensure that the monthly installments were paid by the revenue generated through the rental payments for the solar plant.

Download the Financial Statements for the promoter here: Financial Statements Solcorelios II, Unipessoal Lda

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Download Key Investment Information Sheet

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Loans granted to the promoter SOLCORELIOS II, UNIPESSOAL LDA by investors will have the following guarantees, provided for in the loan agreements associated with the campaign:

  • Guarantee from SOLCORACTION, LDA in the total amount of the loan;
  • Pledge of credit rights by SOLCORELIOS II, UNIPESSOAL LDA of amounts to be received under its service provision contracts with its customers: Fundação Irene Rolo and Futebol Clube de Alverca
  • Pledge of equipment

The Promoter


SOLCORACTION LDA, or Solcor Portugal, is part of Solcor Group, a group with Belgian roots, founded in 2014 and active in Portugal, Chile, and Colombia. The group is committed to developing commercial solar plants and financing these projects. To date, they have over 400 projects concluded.

Solcor often relies on technical advice from the other companies in the group, strongly connected by sharing the same shareholders. Together they are active in basically every aspect of the solar photovoltaic market: 

  • EMAT - a distributor of photovoltaic equipment.
  • Nikola - a residential installer.
  • Delta Activos - a dedicated solar maintenance company.

SOLCORELIOS II, UNIPESSOAL LDA is part of the Solcor Group (a daughter company of Solcor Portugal), created to develop solar projects for associations with community engagement.

Solcor has been active in Portugal since 2019. They have a talented team of 15 people with a track record of over 70 solar projects in Portugal, contributing to the company's experience in developing, operating, and financing solar plants nationwide

Solcor wants to increase energy consciousness and contribute toward decarbonizing our economy by developing sustainable relationships through fruitful, simple, and transparent agreements and collaborations. Based on their performance and financial solidity, the promotor was certified as one of Portugal's top 5% of best SMEs (2022).

Their solar plant in Museu do Caramulo is one of the first collective self-consumption installations in the country.

The team

Steven V Cauwenberge

Executive Director of the group

Founder of Solcor Group, currently working as executive director of Solcor Group. Bsc & Msc in Business Engineering - Finance at KU Leuven, Bsc & Msc in Civil Engineering and Postgrad Investment analysis at London School of Economics

Vincent Vangeel

Co-founder and CEO

Bsc & Msc in Business Engineering - Supply Chain at KU Leuven, Msc in Renewable Energy Engineering at IST Lisboa, KTH Stockholm.

Tommaso Mura

Co-founder and COO

Bsc in Energy Engineering at Politecnico di Torino, Msc in Renewable Energy Engineering at IST Lisboa, KTH Stockholm.

Business Model

Solcor Group is mainly active in the development and operation of commercial solar installations. The group has developed over 400 solar installations for clients from a wide range of sectors and currently manages over 500 installations.

The group's strong growth came mainly under the impulse of applying the ESCO model, where the client pays for his solar installation with the savings generated by the installation without the need for an initial investment by the client. Solcor, with its partners, currently invested over 25 million euros in projects for its clients.

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This campaign will help avoid the emission of 29 tons of CO2 per year

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