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Energy efficient, sustainable and innovative LED alternative.


LIC Sustainable Solutions is a multinational enterprise with offices in Europe and Latin America. The company develops, designs, produces, and executes energy efficiency projects, primarily focusing on smart cities and intelligent street lighting.

LIC is executing the modernization of public lighting in the municipality of Villavicencio in Colombia. This campaign aims to fund this project further.

In October 2022, the promotor was contracted by Alborada, Villavicencio's public service company, to start the supply of sustainable and efficient LED street lighting luminaires to replace the old, polluting, and inefficient sodium system. 

The luminaires arrived in Villavicencio in December 2022 and are currently being installed by LIC, including:

  • 3.500 LED street lighting luminaires.
  • 600 LED floodlights in public recreational spaces. 

The luminaires are ready to be integrated into a smart city, working as a wireless communication base. In the last three years, the company supplied more than 20,000 luminaires to different municipalities in Colombia. 

The Impact


  • Improvement in public lighting efficiency: LIC's smart LED lights can be programmed to illuminate at set times of the day and to increase or decrease lighting according to the presence of people and vehicles in the streets. This enables a more energy-efficient use of cities’ light systems, allowing cities to save up to 80% in energy consumption, reduce CO2 emissions and limit light pollution while maintaining citizens’ safety.


  • Improving community well-being: safe and well-lighted public spaces play an essential role for communities, increasing access, interaction, and inclusion, resulting in improved community well-being.

Sustainable Development Goals

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Financial viability

Each municipality will partner with LIC (supplying company) to create an autonomous patrimony (trust fund) at an internationally acknowledged banking entity. The funding required for the renovation of the lighting installation is deposited in this trust fund. The banking entity guarantees irrevocable payments to the supplier (LIC) as soon as the delivery conditions have been met.

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Pledge by the parent company - LIC NL

The Promoter

About LIC Soluciones Sostenibles SL

LIC Sustainable Solutions is a Dutch enterprise with offices in The Netherlands, Spain, Colombia, Panama, and Qatar and its production facility in Shenzhen, China. The company develops, designs, produces, and executes energy efficiency projects, focusing primarily on smart cities and intelligent street lighting.

Since 2009, LIC Sustainable Solutions has been operating in the South and Central American markets. In recent years, the company has executed projects in the private sector for clients such as Grupo Energía de Bogotá (EEB, TGI, TRECSA), Telefónica, Grupo Éxito (Éxito, Carulla), Hunter Douglas, Tous, United Colors of Benetton and the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce among others.

LIC has more than 15 years of experience developing sustainable technology, and simultaneously, they are a manufacturer with direct access to the end customer. The company can adapt its technical specifications, taking into account the specific singularities of each project without affecting the product's final price.

LIC Sustainable Solutions specializes in migrating from conventional lighting to LED, obtaining savings of between 70 and 90% in energy consumption, eliminating maintenance and replacement costs during the first ten years, and guaranteeing critical economic benefits for its clients.

The luminaires designed and manufactured by LIC is highly efficient (20% above market average) and offers a competitive sales price and a 10-year full guarantee. Both technically and economically, it is an innovative product in the world of street lighting, with several internationally recognized certificates and, especially for Colombia, the Retilap certification (Technical Regulations for Lighting and Public Lighting of the Ministry of Mines and Energy).

The team

Bas van Bakel

Founder and CEO

Results-driven Chief Executive Officer, skilled in proactively participating in all aspects of business development and management, from operations and finance to marketing and human resources. An accomplished entrepreneur capable of identifying new opportunities and sustaining business growth. Current position: founder & CEO of LIC Sustainable Solutions Group.

Ricardo Sarmiento

Partner LIC Latin America

Professional with more than 20 years of experience in managing the business internationalization process. Analysis, selection, and opening of markets, brand positioning. Strong business focus. Current position: Partner & General Manager LIC Latin America.

Francisco Jimenez

Partner LIC Spain

Entrepreneur with extended experience in executive positions with an emphasis on business development and risk analysis/management from a financial standpoint. Current position: Partner & CFO LIC Soluciones Sostenibles SL.

Business Model

The LIC Group has its headquarters in the Netherlands and primary operations in Spain and Colombia. LIC Spain is the equipment producer (ensures R&D and subcontracts production in China). LIC Latin America sells solutions to end customers with a relevant customer segment in the public sector (municipalities). At this moment, LIC Latin America has a considerable portfolio of projects whose equipment is purchased from LIC Spain. LIC Spain is looking for financing to support the production and sale of the projects planned to be executed during 2023.

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