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Start-up loan with operations in Spain that measures CO2 emissions.



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Nozama Tech is an Ireland-based startup, operating in London and Barcelona with the mission to ensure all CO2 emissions and Single-Use Packaging (SUP) are accounted for, compensated, and recovered.

CO2 emissions and SUP are currently not being measured along the supply chain up to recyclers nor are they being accounted for. This leads to the end-consumer's carbon footprint not being measured. After realizing this lack of traceability, André, Daniel, and Trym founded Nozama Green and developed several tools to measure and monetize sustainability. The company offers SaaS based sustainability applications that track and monetize CO2 saved and SUP recycled.

The company also launched Sustainability Customer Profile (SCP), the blockchain-ready database that can be deployed across all software platforms to allow a complete view of the end-consumer activities that impact sustainability. The SCP database is the cornerstone of a company’s sustainability marketing, sales, branding strategy, and regulatory compliance. 

At the moment, it has 3 large enterprise customers and more than 50 small and mid-sized customers. 

The funds raised in this campaign are going to be used as working capital.

The Impact

Nozama Tech’s software platform enables companies to track CO2 generated and CO2 saved throughout the supply and value chains to facilitate CO2 off-setting. The solution also provides the traceability of Single-Use Packaging (SUP) related to its customers consumption so that said packaging can be tracked and recycled properly, allowing consumers to participate in the sustainability process and allowing companies to communicate said sustainability on social media. So far, through the company's platform, the final consumers of the companies that use Nozama's services have contributed to: 

  • Avoiding the emission of 160,834.52 kg of CO2 since 01/01/2021, which due to the increasing usage of Co2 Tracker.

  • 3,781 kg of waste recovered and delivered to recycling companies.

1.007,53 t

CO2 avoided per year

Sustainable Development Goals

Financial viability

Nozama is currently raising a financing round of 150.000€, of which 50.000€ will be financed through GoParity, another 50.000€ were invested by SpectrumVision, and the remainder 50.000€ will be raised through Venture Capital. The promoter has a growing base of clients, and in February 2021, managed to raise 400.000€ in financing, 50.000€ of which were raised through GoParity.

Key Investment Information Sheet



Personal guarantee pledged by the company’s CEO (André Vanyi-Robin).

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The Promoter


Nozama Green was founded in 2019 in London, but currently its headquarters are in Ireland. The company is an Integrated Sustainability Applications and Platform Services company that enables companies to measure CO2 savings and Kilograms of packaging recovered in a complete suite of data-driven tools that allow for sustainability marketing that is transparent and verifiable to increase customer loyalty.

The company was founded by André Vanyi-Robin (CEO), Daniel Garcia (CTO), and Trym Lyngset (Head of Sustainability). Pierre Armengaud (Head of Sales), Peter Aburi (co-founder of Nozama Africa & Managing Director) and Steffen Sauer (co-founder of Nozama Africa & COO) joined the company one year later.

André has more than 25 years of experience as a Technology serial-entrepreneur with two successful exits (Bestv and Visualcom).

Daniel has 15 years of experience as a Senior Software developer and IT project manager with a proven track record in High-Performance Computing.

Pierre has more than 15 years of experience in Sales and Operations and is a former executive of a French multinational.

Trym has more than 10 years of experience in Customer Service Management.

With more than 5 years of experience of working in hands on sustainability projects in Kenya, Peter's focus on post-consumer packaging waste through collection and recycling is leading Nozama Kenya's strategy in fostering a sustainable and circular economy in Kenya.

With a multidisciplinary mindset, stemming from work experience in 18 countries and living 3 years in China, Steffen's experience in eliminating silos – by collaborating in cross-functional, cross-organizational and cross-regional teams is leading Nozama's cross border technology deployment. Steffen is an alumni from the top world ranking IESE Business School.

Business Model

After the consolidation of the software with enterprise customers and more than fifty small and mid-sized customers, Nozama sells in a SaaS model its sustainability software that is currently tailored to specific industries: 

Online Commerce and Consumer brands:

  • Develop their brands' sustainable marketing feeding social media with brand global CO2/Kg Impact

  • Increase their end-consumers loyalty by allocating rewards based on CO2 saved and Kg of SUP recycled

  • Monetize sustainable data by upselling and cross-selling to end-consumers based on their personal CO2/Kg impact

Logistics & Transport Companies buy Nozama´s products to:

  • Compensate CO2 by tracking CO2 by complying with ISO requirement in CO2 reporting for the purpose of offsetting the carbon footprint

  • Comply with sustainability legislation: applicable, promulgated and future legislation

  • Address the CO2/Kg Impact at once with a comprehensive SaaS solution

Other industries where CO2 tracking is being applied:

  • Banking

  • Cripto

Revenues are generated from two sources: SaaS fees and personalization fees.

The fees are specifically related to the Nozama SaaS:

  • CO2 Tracker

  • SUP Tracker

  • Sustainability Customer Profile (SCP)

  • Offseting enabling

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Spain, UK and Germany


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Cambio de tasa de interés

On 08/06/2021, the Nominal Interest Rate (NIR) increased from 4,7% to 5,0%. 


Campaign extension

The promoter decided to extend the campaign until 26/06/2021 so that more people can invest.


Open for investment

This campaign will help avoid the emission of 1.008 tons of CO2 per year

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