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Development and production of a nutrition brand.


PrimeBody Nutrishop is a store dedicated to sports and everyday nutrition. This Portuguese brand aims to expand its business, by opening more stores, strengthening its online reach, and by setting up a laboratory.

PrimeBody seeks to raise 50,000€ of funding through Goparity's investor community to build its laboratory where it will be created and produced products for its own brand. The Laboratory will be developed in partnership with PrimeBody's specialized technicians, for the creation and production of private-label products. The funds will allow the acquisition of the following equipment:

  • 1 Mixer 200L
  • 1 Micro-mixer with 50g capacity
  • 1 sealing machine for doypacks (plastic bags)
  • 1 encapsulating machine with a capacity for 200/500 capsules
  • 2 to 4 meters of conveyor belt
  • 1 Precision Scale
  • 1 Dosing tap for weighing powders

The Impact


  • Promoting innovation and entrepreneurship: with the creation of a laboratory to produce its own brand, PrimeBody will invest in research and development (R&D) in Portugal while encouraging local industries. Additionally, through its partnership with the European University in Lisbon, the company conducts projects with students so that they can apply their knowledge to practical cases.


  • Job creation: the expansion plan linked to the laboratory and the opening of a new store, includes hiring 6 people - 2 for the store and 4 for the laboratory.
  • Promotion of safety in the work environment: PrimeBody will guarantee quality certificates for all its production and training of new employees regarding safety when working with technical equipment.
  • Reduction of environmental footprint in production and distribution: two environmentally friendly measures are planned for the laboratory - the installation of solar panels for self-consumption and the use of glass packaging for the company private  label products, reducing the use of plastic to the minimum.
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles and well-being: the development of private-label products is focused on improving health and well-being for consumers through quality nutrition.

Sustainable Development Goals

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Financial viability

The company presents good financials and is growing at an interesting pace in a competitive market, which is a strong indicator for the future. It is expected that including its own brand in the sales catalog will be helpful to increase sales margins.

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The Promoter


Healthex Europe, Unipessoal LDA is the company behind the brand PrimBody Nutrishop, a nutrition business that wants to promote the growth of sports and healthy lifestyles with physical and online stores. They sell several brands and recently launched their own brand, Rocksprint.

PrimeBody's vision is to offer a complete supply of supplements, sports nutrition, and wellness products. Their goal is to become a national and international reference.

The team

Adilson Camacho


Adilson Camacho, is an expert in Sports Nutrition and a graduate of TBI- Tudor Bompa Institute International. He started his career in 2001 as a Pharmacy Technician and in 2008 decided to pursue the world of fitness, which has always been his passion. He finished a Physical Exercise Technician course and worked for several years in Portugal and Denmark as a Personal Trainer. In 2014 Adilson decided to deepen his knowledge of nutrition and studied at Bompa Institute. A year later, in 2015, he created PrimeBody, which aims to be an innovative brand of sports and daily nutrition.

Business Model

PrimeBody resells fitness and nutrition products through its online store and in its two physical stores in Lisbon neighborhoods, Bela Vista, and Arroios. To date, deliveries are available to Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Poland, and Portugal.  

In the near future, PrimeBody wants to expand to Spain by opening more physical stores throughout the Iberian Peninsula, and by strengthening its online presence. 

Its business model is based on three L's:

  • Lab and own label products. 
  • Logistics with investment in automation and own carrier service, in partnership with the leading carriers in the market.
  • Loyalty by strengthening the connection, loyalty, and retention of customers and partners.  

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