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Clean local energy for self-consumption in a Portuguese town.


The funds raised through this campaign will be used to finance the installation of a renewable energy community located Tondela, in the municipality of Viseu. A total of 66 kWp will be installed. The plant will produce around 108 MWh of clean energy per year. The plant will be located at the Tondela volunteer firemen building, coordinates 40°30'54.4 "N 8°04'52.0 "W. This community will be part of the project “100 Villages”.

“100 Aldeias” is a Portuguese project led by Cleanwatts (the promoter of this campaign and a pioneer in this type of project) and by the companies "About the Energy", in partnership with BEWG and Jeune. Their mission of this project is to fight energy poverty by creating renewable energy communities that produce their own green, clean, and decarbonized electricity, and promoting good energy practices among these same communities.

Adhering members will be able to buy electricity produced at the plant at a price around 25% lower than the price of the national grid during sunny hours. Participants will not be required to make any investment or change their contracts with their current energy supplier. Instead, they will only consume part of the energy generated from a local, green, and sustainable source. This will accelerate the process of decarbonizing these villages.

The participating members of the energy community will benefit from the referred reduced rate for a period of 20 years, with no need to make investments, nor charges or responsibilities with the operation, maintenance, or installation. Cleanwatts will be responsible for the technical management of operation, maintenance, and installation.

The Impact

Direct impact

  • Contribution to the decarbonization of Portugal, avoiding CO2 emissions: with a clean energy production of around 108 MWh per year, the solar energy central will avoid the emission of 14.47 tonnes of CO2 every year. This is equivalent to the absorption of CO2 from around 658 trees.

Indirect impact

  • Reduction of energy poverty in Portugal: through community energy production, the "100 Aldeias" project will impact 20,000 people in 100 small Portuguese villages, with an expected reduction of around 10% of their energy costs and an increase in their levels of thermal comfort.

Impact Indicators

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14,47 t

CO2 avoided per year

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people impacted

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MWh clean energy

Sustainable Development Goals

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Financial viability

The maturity of the loan was calculated so that the installments will be paid by the revenues obtained from the supply of energy produced to the members of the Community.

This will generate savings in electricity costs for members and annual revenues in excess of the investment, which guarantees the sustainability of the project.

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Equipment Pledge

The Promoter


Enerbellum is the holding company of the same founders of Cleanwatts - José Basílio Simões, Michael Pinto, Jorge Landeck and Luísa Matos (who are also founders of companies such as ISA - Intelligent Sensing Anywhere and VPS - Virtual Power Solutions) - specialists in the application of information and communication technologies, today commonly referred to as IoT (Internet of Things), in the Energy, Environment and Health and Welfare sectors.

Enerbellum has invested in several impactful projects, using technology to help solve important global problems such as climate change. Enerbellum is also committed to promoting digitalization and the sharing economy, for example, as a means for democratizing access to clean energy, fighting energy poverty, and improving the quality of life.

Cleanwatts, the group's most important subsidiary, is a climate tech company committed to simplifying, amplifying, and accelerating decarbonization and the fight against energy poverty with the participation of companies and communities around the world. It has a holistic view of the challenges and needs of local energy communities and an operating system designed to generate value upstream and downstream of the electric meter by controlling generation, storage, consumption, and energy flexibility.

In addition to supporting existing and emerging Energy Communities, Cleanwatts also creates and installs Energy Communities from local anchor consumers/producers. In these projects, the company combines its digital offering with solutions that do not require investment in resources by the customer, fully assuming the costs of photovoltaic panels, energy storage systems, and other equipment that promote electrification and efficiency of consumption, such as electric vehicle charging and heat pumps. Cleanwatts' mission is to help build a world in which energy is decarbonized, decentralized, digitized, and democratized.

The team

Basílio Simões

Managing Partner

Serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience as CEO, Board Member, and Angel Investor. Founder and CEO of ISA (Intelligent Sensing Anywhere), scale up to 150 FTE and IPO in 2012. Foundational investor of Virtual Power Solutions (2014) and Energia Simples (2015). Ph.D. in Technology, Physics, Invited Professor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Coimbra University. Basílio is also the Co-Founder and President of Cleanwatts in Portugal.

Business Model

Enerbellum is the holding company that brings together the business holdings of a group of entrepreneurs who, since 1990, have created or invested, directly or indirectly, in more than 30 technology startups, currently with a predominant focus on the energy, environment, and smart cities sectors.

The group's most important subsidiary is Cleanwatts. The projects developed by this company generate energy savings enough to recover the initial investment in short periods of time. This way, customers often do not need to make any investment, with Cleanwatts services being provided under an ESaaS – Energy Savings as a Service regime.

Through its Energy Communities, Cleanwatts is becoming a provider of clean, affordable energy through a network of digitally interconnected renewable energy resources. The concern with the positive impact on society is always present in the company's projects. That is why 2% of the income generated is invested in social initiatives chosen by the respective local communities.

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This campaign will help avoid the emission of 14 tons of CO2 per year

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