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Earth Rover

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Farmer robots that do not use chemicals or damage the soil.


Earth Rover robots help vegetable and salad farmers control weeds using targetted concentrated light energy without chemicals or damaging the soil, supporting the trend towards organic no-till farming.

Earth Rover is raising 2 million euros to expand its R&D team and to commercialise its patent-pending LightWeeding robots. This innovative project is supported by ESA - the European Space Agency, as well as UKRI - the UK Research and Innovation organization. Both these institutions have assessed and provided grants for this project in excess of 750,000€. Investors including, the asset manager MERCIA, have invested around 500.000€ in the company.

The funds raised through GoParity will be used for:

  • Expanding the R&D team.
  • Implementing the Earth Rover pilot project on vegetable fields in Spain and the UK.

The technology seems promising and has attracted the attention of innovation institutions, grant providers, early investors, and of leading organic farmers Pollybell, the first adopters of the technology.

The Impact


  • Jobs creationwith the expansion of the R&D team and of the company’s operations, Earth Rover will create 30 new jobs in the next 3 years. 
  • Support the adoption of clean technologies: with the LightWeeding technology, Earth Rover allows for a reduction of up to 50% in the use of chemicals in agriculture, thus reducing damage to biodiversity.  
  • Support sustainable food productionweeding is one of the important challenges in organic food production, the solution brought by Earth Rover ensures a cheaper and more advantageous method for weeding in organic farms. At the same time, the solution improves food production productivity, since the laser weeders from Earth Rover do not damage the soil and do not result in crop loss due to mechanical weeding. 


  • Support to innovation and R&D: increasing research efforts for technology in agriculture has the potential to raise rural productivity and encourage innovation.

Impact Indicators

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Sustainable Development Goals

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Financial viability

The loan will be used as an advance of funds to be received by ESA, the European Space Agency, and UKRI Innovate which are to be pledged as a guarantee to this loan. Additional funds are to be raised through equity. 

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The Promoter


Earth Rover Limited was founded in 2017 with the objective of developing technology to produce fresh and chemical-free agricultural products and make them available to all farmers. 

The company now produces robots that automate scouting, harvesting, and weed-killing processes by using AI and advanced data collection technologies. These features will help decrease reliance on chemicals, improve production efficiency, and reduce waste. Earth Rover was born in the United Kingdom but plans to expand to other parts of Europe in the short term to make this more sustainable production technology “a norm among farmers”.

Meet the team:

James Brown, Co-founder, farmer non-executive Chairman

Luke Robinson, Co-founder, CSO non-executive

David Whitewood, CEO

Ricard Pardell, CTO

James Barlow, CFO

Business Model

Earth Rover will operate weeding as a service for high-value vegetable and salad crop farmers, charged on a per hectare basis at comparable prices to existing tractor-based weeding, and at a significantly lower cost to manual weeding (where the typical cost is in of about 1000€ per hectare).

Initial target customers are salad and green vegetable crop growers such as lettuce and broccoli in Europe and the UK. Followed by the USA.

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After raising 125.000 € in three days, the promoter decided to increase the global investment amount of its campaign to 250.000€ instead of launching an additional campaign. All the other offer conditions remain the same.


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