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Casa do Desassossego

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Monção, PT

Solar energy for self-consumption in a rural tourism house.



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The "Casa do Desassossego" compound is located in Lugar da Portela, parish of Riba-de-Mouro, municipality of Monção 20 km from the city centres of the villages of Monção and Melgaço.

The project began at the end of 2017, when Marcelo Oliveira founded Atmosfera Clássica, the promoter of this campaign.

The company was set up to develop a rural tourism project, in a 1948 dwelling. Since that date, the architectural project was started and completed, and the rehabilitation work began.  The building will have the capacity to accommodate up to twelve people, spread over six suites. In addition to the suites, the villa will have a living room, a lounge, a kitchen and a leisure area that will consist of a gym, a sauna and a jacuzzi. The building will also be adapted for disabled users. The company estimates that the opening of the compound will take place within three months, in early October 2021.

The funds raised through this campaign will be used to finance a 3.6 kW solar power plant for self-consumption with a battery unit and a high-efficiency air conditioning system (heat pump for air conditioning and floor heating with solar thermal panels). The photovoltaic solar system will produce about 4.9MWh of energy annually, equivalent to reducing 1 ton of CO2 or planting 45 trees.

This system will make the accommodation practically self-sufficient in energy terms. The village of Monção has several tourist, cultural and leisure quality offerings. In particular, the Brejoeira Palace, inscribed in a vast rural property, famous for its architecture and the Alvarinho wine that is produced there, an entity with which "Casa do Desassossego” celebrated protocols to make available to its customers guided tours and tasting programs. It is also possible to visit the Monção Castle, erected on the left bank, downstream of Melgaço or the Alvarinho Museum, located in Casa do Curro.

The Impact

  • Contribution to the production of clean energy: the self-consumption solar power plant, solar thermal panels and heat pump will make the compound self-sufficient in energy terms, reverting solely to clean energy. The photovoltaic solar system will produce about 4.9MWh of electricity annually, the equivalent to 1 ton of CO2 or the planting of 45 trees.

  • Energy efficiency: the property will be fitted with an air conditioning system that is among the most energy efficient systems on the market, ensuring the lowest possible consumption.

  • Job creation: two full-time jobs will be created through a fixed-term contract.

  • Local development: improving the competitiveness, positioning and visibility of the Minho Valley Territory, through the maximisation of its endogenous resources, external tourism promotion, and enhancement of its built heritage (historical centers and rural centers) and cultural, as well as fostering local partnerships.

  • Promotion of sustainable tourism: the unit addresses sustainability in all dimensions, not only at the energy level, but also in the construction and materials used, in waste management and water management.

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Sustainable Development Goals

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Financial viability

The funds raised through this campaign will be used to acquire a solar power plant for self-consumption with 10 photovoltaic panels, a heat pump and two high-efficiency air conditioning systems (HVAC – the most environmentally friendly solution on the market).

This investment will eliminate the costs associated with energy consumption and position the compound as an "environmentally friendly" location. The occupancy rates foreseen for the first few years will generate sufficient means to meet the return of this loan.

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The Promoter

About Atmosfera Clássica, LDA

The company Atmosfera Clássica, Lda. was founded at the end of 2017 by Marcelo Oliveira. 

With more than 22 years of experience in hotel management and administration in a renowned Travel Agency, Marcelo created the company following a contract for the accommodation of an urban building in the place of Portela, parish of Riba-de-Mouro, municipality of Monção for the development of the tourist project "Casa do Desassossego". The manager knows well the potential of the region and the particular characteristics of the segment that seeks rural tourism. Marcelo Oliveira is also a consultant and Commercial Director of ANPME - National Association of SMEs. 

The project "Casa do Desassossego" aims to create a country house with tourist purposes with an area of 446 m2, built on land with 760 m2 with implantation area of 223 m2. In addition to the architectural features, the privacy of the building and excellent location are differentiating factors in a scenario of increasing demand for housing tourism. The building is integrated in a plot with an environment that characterizes and values it with privacy for the public road and with good accessibility. 

The intervention will keep the exterior walls, roof and floors at floor level and provide the building with new spaces with better conditions of health and comfort. Since its constitution and to date, the promoter has been developing the architectural project, gathering budgets, defining the marketing and communication strategy, developing partnerships, and other essential activities to ensure the success of the enterprise, estimating the openness to the public happen within three months.

Business Model

The development responds to the growing demand for national tourism, especially in the northern region of Portugal.

The target segments are couples and families of middle and upper class, national and foreign, in search of quality experiences in the Region of Alto Minho.

In addition to the reception, living room and lounge, the building will have capacity for 12 people, spread over 6 suites. The kitchen will be equipped for the preparation of meals and there will be a leisure area consisting of a gym, a sauna and a jacuzzi with sanitary facilities.

The building will be provided with the necessary means for the installation of a mechanical platform for users with disabled mobility.

“Casa do Desassossego"’s offering will include bed and breakfast, bar and meal service, and tourist entertainment activities. The company expects to achieve an occupancy rate of more than 40% from the first year in activity.

The promoter will hire two people to perform the following functions: responsible for bookings and reception of guests and monitoring of all activities of tourist entertainment; Cleaning and treatment of clothes.

The region where the development will be located is served by good logistics infrastructures, with good road and airport accessibility, allowing to take advantage of the natural potential of the region: countryside, beach and river, allowing for a wide range of experiences.

In addition to the beauty and access to thermal resorts in the region, there are also the cultural traditions of the region: the typical gastronomy, local products, handicrafts, festivals and pilgrimages that are a characteristic to the region. In addition to the rest and quiet sought in this type of tourism, the company intends to contribute through the sale of regional products, betting heavily on regional gastronomy and advice and support in suggesting programs aimed at harnessing the enormous potential of the region.

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This campaign will help avoid the emission of 1 tons of CO2 per year

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