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Bode Country House

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Monsanto, PT




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Nature tourism, a home away from home.


Nestled in the foothills of the Historic village of Monsanto, BODE Country House, a nature tourism project, brings understated luxury to a village that was once described poetically as an “island in the sky”.

The funds raised will be used to support purchasing some of the equipment and furniture necessary to complete the interior fit-out, including an electric car charging station and energy-efficient appliances for the restaurant.

There are eight bedrooms, one independent two-bedroom cottage, a farm-to-table sustainable restaurant, a refreshing infinity pool and a lot of outdoor space, with plenty of experiences for one to enjoy, set within 5 hectares of tranquil and natural landscape with a view to Serra da Estrela Mountain.

Bode aims to create a community of like-minded people, providing an informal and relaxed environment where the mind can wonder, the body can relax, and our senses expand, allowing its guests to step back from their fraught and fast-paced lifestyles and enjoy the calm, serenity and peace that comes from connecting with nature and disconnecting with daily routines. The project wants to depict a symbiosis of old and new in perfect harmony, blending the traditional existing stone building, once used as a wine and olive press, with modern architecture.
The construction, which is now completed, was carried out with an emphasis on maximising the reuse of the existing materials, with a large part of the exterior and interior walls being rebuilt with stones generated from the demolition, as well as using material originating from sustainable and renewable sources such as the exterior wood cladding, interior wood floor, amongst others. Its interior design is inspired by the Japanese philosophy of “Wabi-Sabi”, which aims to appreciate the beauty in a naturally imperfect world. To further add warmth and a personal touch, the owners used their eclectic collection of furniture and accessories for part of the interior decoration.

The Impact

Direct Impact

  • Efficient and carbon-reduced resource management: with the acquisition of restaurant appliances with the highest energy efficiency level, A+++, and with the installation of an electric car charging station for guests, powered by the photovoltaic system already installed, the hotel will be able to gain efficiency in its energy system and promote reduced consumption of fossil fuels. At the same time, part of the decoration and furnishing will come from the owner’s collection, around 25% of the furniture and 80% of the decoration, and part will be sourced from responsible suppliers and sustainable materials. 

Indirect impact

  • Sustainable construction: the lodging entrepreneurs have chosen to renovate as much as possible the existing building rather than building new, and reutilizing materials from the demolition. Also, they minimized the use of concrete to the minimum, and have opted for sustainable sources for the wood, for both interior and exterior.
  • Sustainable resource management: regarding waste management, the sewage will be deposited into a green septic tank, filtered and released into the land free of contamination, and other fresh food waste will be used to feed the farm animals. Also, single-use plastic is banned in the lodging and reusable plastic will be reduced to the minimum.
  • Renewable energy generation: Bode’s total energy consumption comes from renewable sources – their own photovoltaic system for consumption will produce for part of their needs and generates around 16 MWh per year, which means with that they avoid yearly over 2 tonnes of CO2 emissions.
  • Promotion of organic agriculture and food: all meals offered at the hotel will be sourced from organic production, either in their own organic garden and from local organic producers.
  • Promotion of local economy and jobs creation: in the first year of operation, the founders will hire 4 people in full-time, prioritizing local talent. Also, their goal is to purchase most of the food supply and services from the local businesses, to engage and promote the local community.

Sustainable Development Goals

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Financial viability

The total investment to complete the project is 773.610 euros, of which 75% has been raised through an incentive called "Linha de Apoio a Qualificação da Oferta", supported by Turismo de Portugal (432.624€) and BCP Millennium (144.208€). The promoter will finance the remaining amount in addition to 35.000 euros which is expected to be raised through the Goparity campaign.

Bode's goal is to open at the end of April of 2023 in preparation for the high season. High occupancy is expected during summer, given its proximity to Boom Festival, which brings over 40.000 visitors to the area during July. Most of the income will be generated by room renting (approximately 80%), and by the restaurant (remaining 20% ). The restaurant will have a soft opening period and will be able to serve a full culinary experience to its guests and other visitors for on-site activities. Bode will be open to its guests 365 days per year and plans to execute a range of targeted and regular events and activities in cooperation with relevant partners to introduce Bode Country House and the Historic Village of Monsanto to a wider audience.

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Shareholders' pledge: Catarina Santos and Stefano Pizzuti.

The Promoter


Kapitulaudaz LDA, the company behind Bode Country House, was created in 2020 by Stefano Pizzuti and Catarina Santos, husband and wife, who, after living and working for over 20 years in different parts of the world, decided to fulfil their dream and create a sanctuary where they could offer their guests a "home away from home" a place surrounded by nature, where each visitor could create unique memories.

The company's long-term goal is to create a collection of unique Country Houses in the most picturesque and soulful villages in Portugal, where the charm of the past naturally blends with the contemporary design and modern comforts with the least impact and in harmony with the environment.

Within the first year of operation, the company hopes to employ 4 full-time staff, recruited locally and supported with onsite and offsite training. More positions will be created in the second year as the business grows.

The team

Stefano Pizzuti

Managing partner

Has a 30 years career in creating, developing and managing international retail brands across 3 continents, having worked for some of the largest retail conglomerates in Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia.

Catarina Santos

Activities Director

The majority shareholder is a fully qualified pilates instructor and will be responsible for all the activities related to "well-being" which is a key part of the Bode Country House experience.

Business Model

Besides the intrinsic beauty of the building architecture and its privileged location near the Historic Village of Monsanto (one of the 12 Aldeias Históricas de Portugal), Bode offers its guests a range of services and experiences as follows:

  • Restaurant with an outdoor terrace & picnic service
  • Organic Garden
  • Salt water infinity pool with fully furnished deck
  • Pilates - Yoga - Meditation
  • Trekking & Mountain Biking
  • Open air cinema
  • Private parking with free electric charger

Bode's key target customers are couples aged 30 to 45 within a medium to high-income segment; 70% are expected to come from the international market, predominately Spain, France and Germany and 30% domestic market.

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