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R&D on circular economy fertilizers for organic farming.


Colina Generosa, Lda. is a startup based in Coimbra, Portugal, created to develop fertilizers and substrates for the supply chain of organic and regenerative agriculture. 

This campaign aims to anticipate part of the European funding already allocated under Portugal 2020 to complete the project and generate a patentable and marketable product in the agricultural sector.

This startup results from New Organic Planet's incubation program. They are currently in the process of becoming autonomous and preparing for their market launch. Colina Generosa is developing a Research and Development project called BioComp 2.0, which aims to create formulas for producing organic fertilizers for organic farming. BioComp works in partnership with two universities: the School of Agriculture of the Polytechnic of Coimbra and the School of Agriculture of the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança. Together they focus on circular economy and waste and environmental management. The company hopes to develop a patentable and marketable product, thus being able to enter the market directly or through distribution contracts.

The organic fertilizers developed are based on water hyacinth, an invasive exotic species (one of the 41 invasive exotic plants of concern in the European Union), and agricultural, forestry, or agro-industrial by-products, promoting circularity and the sustainable use of resources.

Modern society is increasingly affected by the socio-ecological problem of pollution caused by phenomena such as industrial waste and the excessive use and exploitation of non-renewable natural resources. These issues place planet Earth in a situation of tremendous environmental vulnerability. Projects like BioComp 2.0 aim to offer solutions for better waste and natural resource management.

The Impact

  • Ecosystem restoration and conservation: the production of the organic fertilizer will use the water hyacinth plant as raw material, contributing to its control in the aquatic ecosystem, enabling its restoration and conservation. This plant, a freshwater floating aquatic plant from South America, was introduced as an ornamental plant in Europe and has accelerated growth. It is considered an invasive alien plant of concern by the European Union, and is subject to restrictions and control measures. Its presence in ecosystems can cause environmental, economic, and social damage, among them decreased water quality, reduced fish quantity, and lack of clean water.
  • Promotion of sustainable agriculture: The organic fertilizer to be produced through the project can be used in organic and regenerative agriculture, and will have a seal of environmental quality and sustainability. Intensive agricultural practices have led to soil degradation in Europe, especially in the southern countries of the continent. To combat this problem, sustainable modes of production are needed, which are based on increasing the fertility of soils and their resilience - organic fertilizers from water hyacinth can be used for this purpose.
  • Reuse of residues and by-products: the project aims to use in the formula of the organic fertilizers, besides the water hyacinth, agricultural, forestry and/or agro-industrial by-products, promoting circularity and the sustainable use of resources. Thus, it promotes short circuits in the circular economy in the agro-food sector, contributing to the valorization of organic residues, and avoids the problems associated with the management of organic residues.
  • Promotion of innovation and scientific production for sustainability: the project, implemented in partnership with two Portuguese universities, promotes national research and development and innovation for sustainability.

Sustainable Development Goals

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Financial viability

Colina Generosa, Lda. will repay the loan in 18 months, through repayments by Portugal 2020, following the execution of the ongoing project.

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The Promoter


Colina Generosa, Lda. was created as part of an application to the New Organic Planet acceleration program, first in Castelo Branco and later in Coimbra, where the company is currently based.

After a period of incubation, the startup became autonomous and is currently developing its business model to create and market circular economy products in the agro-food area.

As a company, Colina Generosa intends to specialize in the development of waste-utilization products in the agro-food area. Colina Generosa and New Organic Planet are part of an entrepreneurship ecosystem funded by business angels (informal investors specialized in startups) focused on impact investment.

The team

Edite Rodrigues


Degree in Agricultural Engineering. More than 20 years of experience in technical and commercial positions in companies in the area of organic agriculture.

Bruno Clérigo


With a degree in engineering and design and multimedia, and over 15 years of experience in marketing, design, advertising, and communication.

Adelaide Perdigão


Ph.D. in Agronomic and Forestry Sciences, experience as a professor in higher education, scientific research, consulting, and training in the agricultural sector.

Paula Simões


Agronomist with a Master's in Organic Agriculture and 21 years of experience in consulting and auditing in the agro-food sector. Paula is a recognized technician by the Ministry of Agriculture in Organic Production and Integrated Production.

Business Model

Colina Generosa is in a pre-sales phase and is developing the products it will market. Its value proposition is to offer the market organic fertilizer products that originate from waste, creating and developing circular economy solutions. The company has already identified several potential customers in the sector, both end customers and distributors for its products.

The company has been financed by business-angel investors and European funds, which financed the start of the development and research activity.

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100% funded

513 investors successfully raised 50.000€


100% funded

513 investors successfully raised 50.000€


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