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Proactively changing people's daily commute.


50 Rebels is a Portuguese electric bicycle producer. They produce high-quality bikes in Portugal that are especially suited for hilly areas with tough roads, potholes, and tramlines. The design and specifications of 50 Rebels bikes have been successfully introduced in several European countries through an e-commerce strategy and selected partners. At the brand's core, there stand flagship stores and shop-in-shops in cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Porto, Valencia, Zurich.
In this campaign, 50 Rebels wants to take on a proactive role in enabling employees to change the way they commute. Its funds will go to a dedicated fleet of 50 Rebels bikes that will be made available to companies for a period of one month each so their employees can commit to trying an electric bike for their daily commute. Studies show that once a commuter tries an electric bike for a longer period of time, they are easily persuaded to change their mode of transport to electric bicycles altogether (up to 30% of participants in a German study converted). 

50 Rebels actively supports the Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resource Departments of the participating companies to enable their employees to get a 25% discount on e-bikes if they purchase their new e-bike through the paycheck of their employer after the trial period. This project contributes to the health, well-being, and loyalty of employees, less consumption of fossil fuel and parking space, and more sustainable and greener cities, and suburban areas. The goal is to change urban mobility and daily commuting one employee at a time.


The Impact


  • Promotion of local industry and employment: the 50 Rebels bikes are produced mainly in Portuguese manufactures, with its main factory and assembly in the town of √Āgueda, and seat production in the town of Famalic√£o. The local production promotes and boosts the Portuguese industry, which in turn, generates employment.
  • Decarbonization of transport and cities: The use of electric bikes for daily commuting contribute to decarbonize cities and improve air-quality, since they are non-polluting methods of transportation. Also, each electric bike used for daily commuting to work avoids in average 243 kgs of CO2 emissions per year, in comparison with the use of a diesel car, which is the equivalent to the absorpion of 11 trees yearly.
  • Promote accessible and sustainable transport systems: the financing of this project can empower people in their daily locomotion, with access to sustainable transport systems.


  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles and well-being: increased cycling habits in cities contribute to air quality and road safety, when it replaces individual motorized transport, and to healthier lifestyles from the exercise.
  • Promotion of sustainable cities‚Äô infrastructure: the financing of this projects contributes to more people cycling, which incentivizes public policy towards building resilient infrastructure for sustainable transport systems.

Impact Indicators

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Sustainable Development Goals

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Financial viability

The investment of this project will be carried out and repaid by a weekly fee from the companies for the rent, service, and insurance of ‚ā¨50/week per e-bike as well as through the sales of e-bikes to the participants. In the project's ramp-up phase (hence the grace period of 6 months), the interest payments will be carried by the 50 Rebels Companies' normal cash flow. After the grace period, this project needs an average of 8 bikes per month rented and a conversion rate from rent to sales of 2% to carry itself. 50 Rebels estimates a minimum of 15 bikes per month rented and a minimal conversion rate from rent to sales of 5%, leading to an ROI of over 150%.

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The Promoter


50 Rebels Company, Lda has been producing electric bicycles in Portugal since 2020. Their small but dedicated team of 7 has been conquering Europe from their headquarters in Torres Vedras (Portugal) with their unique bike design and strong branding. From their very beginning, 50 Rebels pledged to locally produce as many products and pre-products as possible. This led to frame manufacturing in Anadia, seat manufacturing in Famalicao, and rack manufacturing in Torres Vedras. Committed to making its products more sustainable, 50 Rebels is introducing a circular lithium battery usage scheme in 2023 with partners in Portugal and France.

This small and unique Portuguese company wants to continue to help change urban mobility in Europe by reaching people that haven’t been in the bicycle market before. The recent launch of the V-Series, 50 Rebels' second product series, is continuing to change the perception of what electric bicycles should look like and make urban and suburban riding easier, safer, and more fun.

The team

Anna Schneeberger

Co-founder & COO

With more than 8 years of retail- and customer support experience in Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, and South Africa, it was time to put her experience to work: in 2019, Anna co-founded 50 Rebels with Andreas and made it what it is today: a customer-focused electric bicycle brand.

Andreas Koloska

Co-founder & CEO

After 15 years in Marketing Management and Business Development, this 36-year-old Swiss moved to Portugal to start up his own business. Coming from Copenhagen he saw the possible symbiosis of the bicycle-producing country Portugal and the invention of moped-style e-bikes and made it happen: a Portuguese e-bike brand that takes on the European market and keeps the added value in Portugal.

Cristina Crespo

e-Commerce & Business Development

With a background in Growth and Marketing, Cristina joined the team to grow B2B market. She is also the one to talk about when it comes to partnerships. Always searching for new ways of getting more bikes on the street, Cristina loves to create bridges and always finds the right partners.

Business Model

50 Rebels began as an electric bicycle company with a pure direct-2-consumer strategy through its strong e-commerce presence. Towards the end of the Covid-pandemic, they started to mix it up and added a b2b-retail model to their European distribution strategy as well as a stronger presence in the Hotel and Tourism sector in their home market in Portugal. In 2022 the sales are approximately equally distributed between D2C and B2B sales making them more resistant to market disturbances. 

As an organization 50 Rebels focuses on vertical integration as much as possible, leading to the control of manufacturing, assembly, and distribution, ending in a favorable gross margin and strong brand security. With the opening of flagship stores (Porto, Valencia, Torres Vedras) or shop-in-shops (Zurich, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Mallorca, Madeira) the control of the value chain is being extended every year.

Most 50 Rebels bikes are sold in Portugal, France, Germany, and The Netherlands.

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