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Why GoParity


Solar projects and energy efficiency can save you up to 85% on your electricity bills.


Reduce your environmental footprint and show the world you care.

Energy independence

Produce your electricity, save energy and protect yourself from changing electricity market prices.

In addition

Capital cost

GoParity loans are typically less expensive than more traditional financing methods.


A less bureaucratical procedure and a simpler process on a sophisticated online platform.


There are no hidden costs. We charge one fundraising fee and / or one ongoing management fee, which will be decided together.

We make it happen

We are as determined to make your project happen as you are, if not more!

Full ownership of your project

We enable you to keep full ownership of your project and add value to your property.

Generating savings since day one

Unlike more conventional funding, GoParity was designed so that your monthly costs (energy and financing) are smaller
than they previously were: