Heden Sta Apolónia

Heden Sta Apolónia


100% Financed [50000€]

Amount raised in GoParity

50 000,00€



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Total Investment

300 000,00€

Heden Sta Apolónia

by Liveworks, Lda.


50.000€ | 4,75% yearly interest | 4 years

(with a 6 months reimbursement grace period)

Based in iconic central Lisbon districts, Heden is a collection of creative hubs combining sustainable and innovative coworking and event spaces alongside an active cultural and wellness programme.

Heden was founded in late 2017 and already has two locations – one in Graça, another in Chiado – up and running with 100% occupancy rate. Propelled by the startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem expansion and the wave of international expats, freelancers and digital nomads arriving in Lisbon, Heden is expanding at a fast pace, keeping up with the demand for workspaces in accessible and central locations, with a unique design and a diverse community.

The Project

The new Heden Santa Apolónia is under construction and will be opening its doors until the end of October. Willing to be the most sustainable coworking space in Lisbon, Heden is raising money to invest in its lighting and climatization efficiency and sustainability.

- A bioclimatic green façade, with its passive cooling potential, will reduce the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) system power requirements by 25-30%

- An LED lighting system with an energy consumption 20-24 kW lower than a traditional system will allow estimated electricity savings of around 80-90%

Furthermore, this location will self-generate most of its energy needs (around 90%) through photovoltaic panels. It will also utilize a careful selection of sustainable construction materials, like bamboo, cork, burel and native timber.

With an area of around 1000 m2 and capacity for 280 people, expectations about the demand for this new location are high and IronHack, an international coding school, is already confirmed as their anchor tenant for 2020.

The Impact

Besides being the eco-friendliest coworking space in Lisboa, Heden also promotes social initiatives that contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities and SDG 13 Climate Action

The energy savings potential of the bioclimatic façade and the LED system will allow the location to avoid an estimated annual emission of 56,6 tonnes of CO2, therefore having an environmental impact equivalent to planting 2574 trees.

SDG 5 Gender Equality

To help bridge the gender pay gap, Heden offers a 17,5% discount to all new female members

SDG 3 Good Health and Well-being

Heden runs a well-being programme focused on providing a healthy work environment for their tenants. They organize events ranging from yoga and meditation classes to massage workshops and have dedicated spaces in their hubs designed to promote relaxing and recharging moments throughout the working day.

Information for the Investor (IFIFC)

Promoter's Description

Liveworks Lda was founded in 2017 to manage Heden’s brand and sustainable real estate projects in Lisbon. With two coworking and event spaces already operating, the company aims to expand and open two new spaces by the end of 2019.

Heden Sta Apolónia

by Liveworks, Lda.

Heden Sta Apolónia

by Liveworks, Lda.

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Heden Sta Apolónia

by Liveworks, Lda.