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25 000,00€


by CPRD, Lda

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5,50% yearly interest | 5 years (with 6 Months Reimbursement Grace Period) | 25.000 €

The Project

19 years ago, Catarina reflected upon the environment that surrounded her, and adopted the vegan diet. After noticing that the sole incorporation of the diet was not enough to combat the constant aggressions modern societies' consumption habits have on the planet, she decided to create Ballūta, a shoe brand for ladies who looks after animal rights and the protection of ecosystems.

As such, GoParity proudly finances its first Sustainable Fashion project!

Ballūta shoes are vegan, being its core mission to create shoes while respecting animal wellbeing and the protection of bio-diversity. Their shoes exclude all animal-derived materials like leather, fur, wool, silk, bees wax, feathers or animal-based glues. The great majority of materials they use are certified and produced in the EU, helping reduce their carbon footprint by sourcing locally and reassuring them that they comply with sustainability and labour standards as well as producing minimal waste.

The brand also assumes an active role in the promotion of conscious consumption and, in order to achieve that, it only promotes intemporal collection, going beyond the seasonality concept in Fashion and against the fast-fashion business model.

Their main market is currently the United States and now their goal is to penetrate the New York market, more specifically.

Funding objectives - Supporting Ballūta expansion to New York:

Marketing & Communications:

  • Public Rrelations and Comunication services in New York
  • Communication campaigns and product examples sending to the main fashion publishing companies and Influencers
  • Specialized digital marketing
  • Industry Fairs – Mican Milano September 2019 (world's biggest shoes fair)
  • Advertising campaign for their SpringSummer2020 collection, to be presented in Milan

Comercial Prospection:

  • Event and Showroom maintenance to the product's physical presentation
  • Authorized dealer in the NY market

Why are we financing a #FashionRevolution? Learn about it here

#FashionRevolution is a global movement that strives for a transparent, fair and environmentally friendly fashion industry. We at GoParity want to actively participate, doing all we can to bring together citizens who want to invest their savings sustainably whilst creating impact, as well as those who are looking for funding and promise to play their part in this transition to a fairer, more environmentally friendly society.

Risk minimization and guarantees 

This loan is secured with the personal guarantees of the company's managers Catarina Pedroso e Susana Gomes da Costa.

What if the campaign does not reach 100%?

In the event of the campaign not raising the total amount foreseen, it is up to CPRD, Lda. to decide between:

- Co-financing the remainder, continuing with the project and the regular payment plan to their investors

- Do not continue the project, with investors being reimbursed in the total amount of their investments

Information for the Investor (IFIFC)

Promoter's Description

Ballūta is CPRD, Lda brand and it is commited to creating luxurious footwear in a beautiful and sustainable way. Created in 2018, its production is exclusively done by a family-run factory in São João da Madeira, Portugal, under safe and dignified working conditions.

Ballūta is the archaic origin of the Portuguese word for oak nut – "bolota". It’s meaning represents the company belief in responsible practices and the effort they put into creating shoes “the better way”. 

Bolota is the fruit of the majestic cork oak tree, a native to southern Portuguese montado forests and, to us, the perfect example of what sustainability is: being the only tree that continuously produces a natural material – cork – that can be collected every 9 years without menacing the tree’s own existence and thus ensuring the survival of its ecosystem and the livelihood of families who, for generations, keep and care for this landscape.


by CPRD, Lda


by CPRD, Lda

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by CPRD, Lda