Tuga Tours

Tuga Tours


100% Financed [17040€]

Amount raised in GoParity

17 040,00€



Closed in

31 days

Interest rate




Total Investment

26 200,00€

Tuga Tours

by Paulo Silva Ribeiro, Unipessoal Lda.


3,60% yearly interest | 5 years | 17.040 €

The Project

Acquisition of an electric Tuk-Tuk for Tuga Tours, a tourism operator licensed by the Portuguese Tourism Institute and expert in Portugal's history knowledge and sharing through sustainable tours.

If on the one hand Lisbon’s tourism expansion has improved the sector’s economic situation, on the other hand more pressure over the city was felt, specially in the most historical areas. Thus it is crucial that touristic fleets become less pollutant to assure the city’s tourism environmental sustainability.

TugaTours has invested in electric Tuk-Tuks because they believe diminishing ecological footprints of tours is a very important matter, not only for those who enjoy their services, but also for the local community. Economic advantages of electric Tuk-Tuks are also very relevant due to the significant savings they generate compared to a fossil fuel one.

The Business Model

The project’s financial sustainability is assured by additional income and savings generated, whose monthly estimates are always higher than the project’s payments to its investors.

Risk minimization and guarantees

This loan finances 80% of the investment and is secured with the pledge of the equipment and a personal guarantee given by the partner.

The credit with pledge fits in the category of guaranteed credit, being therefore an additional guarantee in the event of a general breach of conditions by the promoter.

What if the campaign does not reach 100%?

In the event of the campaign not raising the total amount foreseen, it is up to the promoter to decide between:

- Co-financing the remainder, continuing with the project and the regular payment plan to their investors

- Do not continue the project, with investors being reimbursed in the total amount of their investments

Information for the Investor (IFIFC)

Promoter's Description

A TugaTours é a marca da Paulo Silva Ribeiro, Unipessoal Lda., sendo esta uma operadora de turismo licenciada pelo Instituto do Turismo de Portugal e especializada no conhecimento e transmissão da história de Portugal através da disponibilização de passeios turísticos. Dispõe de uma variada e atualizada frota de veículos, desde “tuk tuks” de 3 a 6 ocupantes, automóveis ligeiros e monovolumes de 7 ocupantes e apresenta uma situação económica equilibrada. 

Tuga Tours

by Paulo Silva Ribeiro, Unipessoal Lda.

Tuga Tours

by Paulo Silva Ribeiro, Unipessoal Lda.

Remuneration Rate


Sources of Financing and Investment Structure

Project Brochure

Tuga Tours

by Paulo Silva Ribeiro, Unipessoal Lda.