News from the bright side of investment | April 3, 2019

Apr 03, 2019

News from the bright side of investment | April 3, 2019

News from the bright side of investment
On February 28th we reached 1M€ of impacful investment. We could not be more excited with this mark as it represents 18 sustainability projects implemented and an overall impact equivalent to planting 50.500 trees.
We see this only as the first of many and will keep working to be the most impactful investment solution there is.
Broadening horizons - our first electric mobility projects
GoParity_ZEEV project
As you might have noticed, we recently added electric mobility projects to our portfolio. It is our goal to diversify and broaden the investment options in order to give our investors the possibility to choose where to invest and to finance sustainability in other areas besides energy.
The financial and technical due diligence we normally do remains the same as we keep evaluating projects' financial sustainability to assure their risk is the minimum possible.
ZEEV project and Tuga Tours were the pioneers in the electric mobility area and we are very interested to see how our community reacts and to learn from it.
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GoParity_ZEEV project
2 weeks ago we had the pleasure to host the Solar Cities Kick-Off event, gathering Mayors from Georgia, Moldova, Portugal, Serbia and Tajikistan and renewable energy crowdfunding platforms to boost the adoption of urban solar power projects.
During the event the Solar Mayors Charter, an international declaration was discussed and written by the present Mayors and was made available for online subscription, so Mayors from all over the world can sign and compromise to facilitate solar power production in their cities.
Our Projects' Lives
GoParity SAD
72.500€ | 4,45 % yearly interest | 6 years
Promoted by SOLVasto, SAD's solar power plant has produced 30 MWh of clean energy since March, when the project was concluded.
GoParity Ave Maria School
18.780€ | 5,25 % yearly interest | 8 years
The solar power plant for Ave-Maria school self-consumption and the 15 more efficient heat pumps installation was concluded in February.
Loans are investments that imply the risk of totally or partially loosing your capital. Clarify all your doubts before investing. Check the project IFIFC  for more informations.
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