In 2018, GoParity investors planted 36.850 trees. Thank you!

Jan 04, 2019

In 2018, GoParity investors planted 36.850 trees. Thank you!

Just like a child grows up, changes, innovates and learns at an incredible speed, that was our second year. Our lives are now the typical scenario of a startup and that brings us so much joy, making things happen.

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2018 was a year of decisions, changes, growth and above all, enormous impact. Both environmental and social impact. GoParity assumed an important role in the Portuguese sustainability transition and now we represent a loan solution for small and medium enterprises. This solution also includes a transparent platform where citizen investors can invest their capital sustainably. The organizations funded by GoParity have a local impact and many also have a social drive. We had the biggest renewable energy crowdfunding campaign in Portugal. Solar Coin became part of our business model, working has a reward for investors and promoters. We won the second prize of the Financial Inclusion program by MetLife Foundation. And, to close the year with big news, we were the first sustainable crowdfunding platform being licenced by CMVM (Portuguese regulator).

And we grew: we grew 400% our investor’s community and doubled our team and the number of funded projects. GoParity achieved an environmental impact 12 times more significant than last year, avoiding the emission of 737 ton of CO2, equivalent to planting 36.850 trees: 20 trees per investor!

700k€ funded 9 projects at GoParity’s platform

In total, 9 projects were funded – 7 solar photovoltaics, 1 solar thermal and 1 LED lighting -, 734.755€ were invested, funding the equivalent to an annual renewable production of 1,6 GWh: the same as the annual consumption of 670 Portuguese families.

Pegões Solar

Ginásio Clube Sto Tirso

Academia Música

We have 3 new team members

Ricardo Novaes
Carolina Ribeiro
Bernardo Tavares

Always looking ahead: how will 2019 be?

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1. IT & Novas funcionalidades

Our newest team member, Bernardo, joined with one mission: start in-house development and slowly build our IT team. This means that we’ll be faster in solving problems and more flexible and innovative at developing new features. All this also means one thing: getting ready to scale!

The Marketplace will be the first new feature to be launched and it will enable investors to sell their position in a project to other investors. This facilitates de decision of investing in a project because investors can sell their position and get their money back and increases the investment opportunities. Although we postponed the Marketplace launch due to other technical problems, we’re in the last phase of testing and it will be out right in the beginning of 2019.

2. More projects and more diversity
Do you know any project with social or environmental impact looking for funding? Let us know! We’re continuously looking for new project that will benefit the environment and need funding. Any project with the mission of reaching the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations can be eligible for GoParity. Let us know if you know or have a project!

3. Better user experience We want to be more and more align with our investor’s needs and to do that, in 2019 we’ll improve the user experience and its customization. The investment process should be more intuitive, easy and transparent. If you want to tell us your opinion, it would be great! Here’s a 3 min questionnaire.