Why invest?

Anyone can invest but you have to be aware that we only provide projects that are responsible, transparent and sustainable

You can make profit starting with as little as 20€ in your first investment.
Choose your favorite project or portfolio, make it happen, and earn money with it.

Investment Simulation

Many sustainability projects provide attractive investment opportunities. GoParity brings them to you.

Here's Why you should Invest

  • Choose where to apply your savings

  • Use your savings for the good of the planet

  • Our projects' interest rate is greater than in most of the alternative options

  • Know everything about us, each project and the promoters before investing

  • Seu primeiro investimento pode ser tão pequeno quanto 20 €. Faça crescer à medida que você conhece a GoParity melhor

  • Our projects are carefully chosen following technical and financial analysis both to projects and promoters

  • Monthly interest and capital payments

  • Use your investor personal area to follow your investments and keep updated of new opportunities