How do I start investing?

Register, Invest, Sign up, registration, invest, investir, começar, registo

Are there any fees to invest?

Fees, costs, custo, comissões, comissão

How can I top up my wallet?

Top up topup top-up charge wallet, carregar carteira

Is there a minimum top-up amount?

minimum investment minimum amount, valor mínimo, carregar

Is there a minimum investment per project?

minimum investment, investimento mínimo

Is there a limit for investments per project?

limit for investment maximum investment, limite ao investimento, máximo

How does an investment through GoParity work?

investment invest inversión investimento, como funciona

How does the Marketplace work?

marktplace liquidate sell, liquidar

Do I pay extra fees to top up my GoParity wallet?

Fees costs top up, comissões, carregar

Why is the bank account to which I transfer money French?

french france bank account cuenta bancaria francia, conta bancária frança, IBAN

Can I settle my investments earlier than the end of the project term?

settle liquidate marketplace liquidar

What are the financial guarantees and how is the risk mitigated?

guarantees, risk, garantias, risco

How are the interest rate and the monthly payments calculated?

conditions interest rate term duration formula amortizations instalment calcular pago mensual, amortizações, pagamentos, prazo, taxa de juro

What is Auto-Investment?

auto-investment autoinvestment autoinvest automatic auto-inversion, auto investimento

How can I set up my Auto-Investment?

auto-investment autoinvestment autoinvest automatic, auto investimento

How exactly does Auto-Investment work?

auto-investment autoinvestment autoinvest automatic

Can I change/cancel my Auto-Investment?

auto-investment autoinvestment autoinvest automatic cancel change, cancelar, alterar

What is the difference between a personal and an organisational account?

personal account organisation company organization cuenta personal organización conta pessoal coletiva organização contas

Why do you need a picture of my ID card?

ID card identification document KYC documento de identidade, fotografia, cartão de cidadão

How do you calculate the instalments?

instalments pagos mensuales

If GoParity would ever go bankrupt, what would happen to my investments?

bankruptcy, bancarrota, falir

How does the tax payment work?

How do I declare earnings received when filling in my tax return?

tax return IRS juros recebidos declaración de impuestos

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