Is Oyster Farming eco-friendly?

Aug 13, 2019

Oyster (and other bivalve) farming is the only fish farming activity that does not require an Environmental Impact Study in Portugal. This is because the Government itself acknowledges the neutral and positive impact that it has on the environment.

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Why are we financing a #FashionRevolution

Jun 03, 2019

#FashionRevolution is a global movement that strives for a transparent, fair and environmentally friendly fashion industry. We at GoParity want to actively participate, doing all we can to bring together citizens who want to invest their savings sustainably whilst creating impact, as well as those who are looking for funding and promise to play their part in this transition to a fairer, more environmentally friendly society.

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A day at the beach (Our 2nd anniversary)

Jun 03, 2019

Earlier this month (2nd of May 2019) we celebrated GoParity’s second birthday. Nuno (our CEO) wrote about it and how these team building activities are important to engage the team and keep everyone motivated to deliver the best and most impactful work we can.

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Sustainability seen by ZEEV

Apr 17, 2019

We are experiencing a time of great socio-economic, cultural and environmental change that is also known as the environmental revolution.

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News from the bright side of investment | April 3, 2019

Apr 03, 2019

During the last couple of months, we have reached 1M€ of impact investing, broadened the type of investment opportunities, hosted the event "Solar Cities" and received updates from Sport Algés e Dafundo and Ave-Maria School projects.

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In 2018, GoParity investors planted 36.850 trees. Thank you!

Jan 04, 2019

Just like a child grows up, changes, innovates and learns at an incredible speed, that was us in our second year. Our lives are now the typical scenario of a startup and it brings us so much joy, making good things happen. 2018 has been a year of decisions, changes, growth and above all, huge impact.

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3 tips for a Sustainable Christmas

Dec 05, 2018

Are plastic fake trees more sustainable than cutting a real one each year? How can I offer gifts to everyone and keep my ecological footprint low? What about the Christmas meals?

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GoParity @ Web Summit 2018

Nov 14, 2018

This edition of the Web Summit undoubtedly had "more people, a larger Portuguese presence and much more social and environmental impact". In addition to presenting GoParity in the FinTech startups exhibition area, this year we participated in many more initiatives at the largest tech event on the planet.

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Web Summit 2018: the most sustainable edition

Nov 05, 2018

Sustainability is a major concern in this edition of Web Summit and GoParity will obviously be part of the program! From the exhibition of our product in the FinTech area, to the participation in the workshop "Tech meets the UN Sustainable Development Goals", there will be enough opportunities to get to know us better.

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Maior projeto de ‘crowdfunding’ energético no país capta 230 investidores

Oct 04, 2018

O sucesso do projeto Pegões Solar foi notícia no Jornal Económico

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