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About GoParity

GoParity is an investment platform promoting sustainable projects by facilitating access to new ethical opportunities while sharing its benefits with everybody.

This is our story

Once upon a time... nah, just kidding. Here’s the real thing.

As project promoters and small investors, we created GoParity out of pure necessity and experience.

Many highly profitable sustainable projects never come to life because of limited access to finance as they are just too small for conventional funding.

On the other hand, we wanted to use our savings in more innovative ways, ways that we understand, resonate with us and have meaning.

We’re greateful for all the people that share this same feeling as this is what drives you to GoParity and makes it possible for us to do something positive together and earn some money with it.

And this is the team


Nuno Brito Jorge

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Nuno is an entrepreneur and an innovation and sustainability enthusiast. He’s driven by the power of collaboration for change and strives to create a world where money is used for good.


Luís Couto

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Luis is passionate about travel and discovering the world. After a career in the banking industry, he now takes part in the transition to a more sustainable world. He has an MBA from the Catholic Business School.


Pritesh Dineschandra

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Pritesh holds a degree in Marketing and Advertising from IADE. He has 20 years of experience in the strategic management of integrated communication, which he now dedicates to projects with social and environmental impact.


Manuel Nery Nina

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With an MSc in Mechanical Engineering, Manuel started working at the European Parliament with energy efficiency and renewable energies. He specializes in project management and sales. Every time he sees a roof without solar panels, he feels sad.


Bernardo Tavares

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Bernardo is passionate about nerd culture and technological innovation. He studied Energy and Environmental Engineering at FCUL. He pursued programming with the goal of developing solutions for a more sustainable world.

Web Development

Beatriz Barroso

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Beatriz loves spending time outdoors and travelling. She studied Theatre and Performance Practice in London, where she lived for 3 years. After doing the Le Wagon Coding Bootcamp, she started working professionally in programming.

Marketing & Comms

Carolina Ribeiro

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Motivated to bring people together to create a better world - sustainable, fair and free - Carolina graduated in Management from Nova SBE. She loves to dance and everything that relates to rhythm and empathy.


Mariana Marçal

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Mariana loves efficiency, teamwork and dreams of playing in the National Football Team. She studied Environmental Engineering at Técnico Lisboa and took a Master's degree in Renewable Energy Engineering in Barcelona and Stockholm.


Julia Salgarolo

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Julia is driven by seeking new opportunities and leaving her comfort zone. She is a recent Bachelor's graduate in Management from Kozminski University. She's half Polish, half French, and in love with Portugal, travelling and meeting new people.

Social Media & Comms

Mariana Teixeira

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Mariana is passionate about art, music and reading. She likes to pay attention to society and its trends. She has a degree in Social and Cultural Communication from Universidade Católica Portuguesa, a formation in CopyWriting at Lisbon Digital School and a short course in PR and Social Media in Parsons and Central Saint Martins.

Marketing & Comms

Pippa Graves

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Pippa is studying Spanish and Portuguese at Cambridge University. She just got back from spending 6 months in Argentina, where she worked in an NGO that promotes sustainable development, and is now falling in love with Lisbon. She is passionate about practising her languages when she travels, cooking up a vegetarian feast, running her next half marathon and discovering new music.

We are proud of the awards and institutional support that we have received