GoParity is an investment platform for sustainable energy projects. We promote easy access to
give investment where the outcomes are shared and benefitted by everyone.

How GoParity works

Explainer video

By connecting organisations that want to engage in energy projects with investors and
the best installers in the market, GoParity is shaping a new economy, showing the path to
energy independency, creating jobs and fostering sustainable development.

Sharing Benefits

GoParity was created to share the benefits (financial, social and environmental) of sustainable investment.


We share all the information about us, our projects and promoters before joining.


We are a spin - off from an energy service company, we know how this business works.

Qualified Team

Our balanced combination of skills ranges from finance to engineering and communications.

Competent Risk Analysis

Our technical heritage provides us with the skills to evaluate each project we propose. We do it with the ultimate goal of having zero payment patterns.

We created GoParity out of our own experience as project promoters and small investors.

There is a huge number of highly profitable energy projects that never get to happen because of limited access to finance: they are just too small for conventional funding means to care.

At the same time people are tired of conventional means and look for innovative and alternative ways of using their savings: doing something good and earning with it.

It is that combination of needs that drives them to GoParity.

Nuno Brito Jorge



Nuno Brito Jorge


Nuno is an entrepreneur and an innovation and sustainability enthusiast. He has extensive experience in the environment, energy and innovation fields, having lived in Brasil, Brussels and Barcelona before moving back to Portugal after 7 years abroad. In 2008 he took a gap year to travel South America and do volunteer work. In 2012 he became an entrepreneur, the first effort to start GoParity. Nuno is moved by putting money to work for the sake of people and our planet.

"We must become the change we want to see in the world" (M. ghandi)

Luís Couto


Luis is passionate about traveling and discovering the world, having lived in Brazil and Angola. After a career in the banking industry, Luis is focused through GoParity in being an active part on the transition for a more sustainable world. Luis holds an MBA from Católica Business School.

“The best is yet to come”

Pritesh D. Kotecha


With a degree in Marketing, teaches Advertising and Branding in the European University while sharing his best knowledge to bring growth and profitability to sustainable projects, provoking social and environmental impact. Previously spent 20 years serving brand communication at global advertising agencies holding strategic and business responsibilities. Spent his last five years in Warsaw, building bridges between Portuguese brands and the Polish market.

Mariana Marçal


Efficiency seeker in everyday tasks, she always prefers working in a team and dreams with playing at the National football team.
Mariana studied Environmental Engineering in Lisbon and then did her masters in Renewable Energy abroad, living in Sweden, Spain and Uganda.
"......" (trying to come up with her own inspirational quote)

Carolina Ribeiro

Marketing & Communications

Moved by bringing people together to create a better world - sustainable, fair and free - Carolina graduated in Management from Nova SBE willing to create financially viable impact. Lived in Chile, has Brazilian family and maybe due to that loves to dance and everything related to rhythm and empathy.

"Empathy is the starting point for creating a community and taking action. It's the impetus for creating change." Max Carver

Bernardo Tavares

IT & Web Development  

Passionate about the nerd culture and technological innovation, he also enjoys astronomy and playing guitar or piano. Bernardo studied Energy and Environment Engineering at FCUL and professionally was drawn to programming in order to develop solutions for a more sustainable world.

“Don’t panic” – Douglas Adams

Miguel Pita

Business Development 

Fascinated with trivia and all sorts of knowledge, before participating and winning 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?', Miguel is putting his Management degree from Nova SBE to good use in GoParity, combining his communication and analytical skills with his drive to set up conscious and mindful deals. 

Beatriz Barroso

Web Developer

Loves to spend time outdoors and to travel. Studied Theatre and Performance Practice in London, where she lived for 3 years. Due to an ongoing interest for technological gadgets and solving puzzles, she decided to do the Le Wagon Coding Bootcamp and start to work professionally in the web development area.

"To act, that is the true intelligence. I'll be whatever I want , but I have to want whatever I'll be" - Fernando Pessoa